I thought it would be fun to write a light-hearted post about the three most embarrassing moments that I have experienced since I became a Mama. I am pretty certain there will be many more but I think in this age of ‘perfect’ social media snaps it’s so important to ‘Keep It Real’. Real life, and especially real life as a Mama, is definitely not perfect and that is okay. Something that has been important for my mental health since having Freddie has been the ability to laugh. So that being said, here they are. I hope they give you a little laugh too! 

Blimmin’ Boobs

When Freddie was around a month old I had braved an outing to a local coffee shop with my mum and sisters. I was feeling pretty together because I had conquered the sling and made it out and about (a big deal if you have a newborn!). We had a lovely stroll into town and Freddie was an absolute dream, just dozing contentedly on my chest. When we were a few minutes away from the coffee shop he started to get very unsettled. Thrashing his head around and shrieking and generally just seeming pretty annoyed with the world. We got to the Coffee shop and I settled myself down on one of the sofas and unwrapped him where he promptly fell asleep on my lap… Having thought he must be hungry to be making such a fuss, I felt this was pretty strange but decided to seize the opportunity to enjoy my latte in peace. After a few minutes my rather smug bliss was rudely interrupted when I glanced down and discovered I had two rather large wet patches across the front of my top…Oh the joys of breastfeeding. It turns out I had managed to leak through the two tops and a nursing bra I had on! It became pretty clear what the cause of Freddie having been unsettled was, my two leaky boobs in his face! Needless to say I now carry a spare top for me as well as a spare change of clothes for Freddie.


This is one moment that I did not see the funny side of for quite a while after. So we have a lovely Bugaboo Pram in grey- my favourite colour. It’s a dream to push and generally pretty easy to use, if you know what you’re doing… After a pretty horrendous morning when Freddie was six weeks old I decided we would both benefit from getting out of the house. We have a lovely (but very busy!) farm shop nearby who do great coffees and cake- both of which are essential as a new Mama. The car journey went pretty well as did our little coffee date. Until it was time to go home. After settling a pretty tired Freddie into his car seat I went to fold the pram down, meticulously moving through the motions my husband had painstakingly showed me the night before. And nothing happened. The pram stayed up and it would not budge. I tried again, and again and nothing happened. As it was a lovely sunny day, I had a small audience sat on the tables outside viewing my multiple unsuccessful attempts to collapse the pram. Thankfully they were sensitive enough to avoid eye contact and pretend they couldn’t see me pushing various buttons to no avail. I decided the best thing to do would be to shove it into the boot without collapsing it which was a challenge considering it is a rather tall pram and we have a very average sized boot. I’m still not quite sure how I managed it; I may have blocked the rather painful memory from my mind. But I do know that it involved a rather mangled parcel shelf and a real blind spot in my rear view mirror… Note to self, practise and practise some more!

Roadside Explosions

 There were many rather rash decisions I made in my search for a piece of equipment that would allow me to put my three month old down for more than five minutes. Though perhaps the most memorable was our quest to collect our 4Moms MamaRoo from a lovely seller on Gumtree. I was pretty convinced it would solve all of our problems- it didn’t but it was definitely worth the following rather crappy (literally) experience. Freddie had been very fussy in the car on the journey up and we had had to make two rather last minute stops to feed- once at the start of the McDonalds drive through queue and another outside a strangers house. Feeds done and dusted and the swing collected, we were feeling rather productive and began the journey home. We made it a minute down the road from where we had collected the MamaRoo and it all went very wrong. Freddie started to make those familiar sounds that you know as a Mum. The grunting accompanied by the particular expression reserved for an incoming poonami. My husband asked if we could make it to a baby change, I knew that wasn’t an option. The resulting scene would have been rather comical for the cars and pedestrians going past our rather recklessly parked car. I won’t go into detail about the situation but it involved improvising with plastic bags to make a sort of infallible covering for the car, multiple nappies and a rather naked baby. It’s not a moment I wish to repeat.

Looking back on those moments, they were funny and I can see that now, I hope they made you smile as well. Motherhood is definitely not glamorous but it is interesting and throws challenges at you that you would never have expected before having a baby. I would love to hear one of your embarrassing Mama/Mum moments in the comments below!

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  1. Lisa September 8, 2017 / 8:22 am

    The pram one happened to me as well on my first outing without hubby. Did the exact same and somehow managed to fit it in to the back of the car 😂I could literally feel the heat from my cheeks they were that red!

    • October 18, 2017 / 8:37 am

      At the time it felt like the worst thing to ever happen! It is amazing how quickly you get the hang of these things in the end.

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