Last week I wrote this post on Mixed Weaning which included my favourite products and top tips. It has been a quite a popular post and I have had a few messages and comments on my Instagram (follow me here!) saying that you found it really helpful.  I have found it difficult during the whole weaning journey to find fresh inspiration for Freddie’s meals as well as ensuring he eats a variety of foods/introducing new flavours. Especially now that he is on three meals a day! So I thought I would give you a realistic idea of what Freddie eats in a week. Well when I say eats sometimes it all ends up on the floor… There is also a little giveaway at the end of the post! 


Breakfast | Organix Banana & Mango Porridge and Mango Slices

Lunch | Homemade Salmon, potato and green bean puree. Finger foods- Organix Rice cakes and cucumber batons. Water in this Tomme Tippee cup.

Dinner | Lovely Lentil puree (recipe here). Finger foods: Pear slices.


Breakfast | Ella’s KItchen Berry Greek Yogurt.

Lunch | Homemade Bolognaise puree. Finger food: Pasta and steamed carrot.

Dinner | Cheese on toast, Ella’s Kitchen Carrot & Parsnip Puffs and Strawberries.


Breakfast | Organix Plum Porridge and Piccolo Apple & Apricot puree.

Lunch: Babease Brown Rice, Chicken and Broccoli Puree. Finger food: Warm pitta bread and Avocado.

Dinner: Lovely Lentil puree (recipe here). Finger foods: Organix rice cakes, mango slices.


Breakfast | Porridge and pear puree.

Lunch | Ella’s Kitchen Zingy Lamb & Cous-cous. Finger food: Broccoli.

Dinner | Piccolo Peach & Apple Puree (cold from fridge). Finger food: Cucumber sticks. (*I had offered Freddie savoury food but he was teething and didn’t want to eat. I would rather he eats something than nothimixedng so he had the above which seemed to really soothe his gums). 


Breakfast | Organix Plum Porridge & peach puree.

Lunch | Chicken casserole. Finger food: Toast with butter, banana.

Dinner | Babease Brown Rice, Swede, Butter Beans, Courgette & Kale puree. Finger food: Pear, sweet potato fries (homemade!).


Breakfast | Toast with butter. Finger food: Banana.

Lunch | Zingy Lamb & Cous-cous. Finger food: Long steam broccoli (ordered whilst out) and rosemary potatoes.

Dinner | Homemade cottage pie. Finger food: Cucumber, Organix rice cakes and a vanilla baby biscuit (this was a treat and he loved it!).


Breakfast | Tropical Smoothie (home made). Finger food: banana, mango and apple.

Lunch | Homemade burgers, warm pitta bread and green beans.

Dinner | Chicken Casserole. Finger food: sweet potato and nectarine.

I offer water with every meal which Freddie will either drink or take great delight in decorating the kitchen with! He is breastfed and still feeds on demand throughout the day too. Hopefully that gave you a realistic idea of the meals I make for him, I use pouches as well as homemade food because life is busy and with an active seven month old, I can’t make everything from scratch!

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  1. Lisa October 11, 2017 / 12:24 pm

    Such a helpful post. Weaning is an absolute minefield!

    • amelia-jane@live.co.uk October 18, 2017 / 8:34 am

      Thanks Lisa, really glad you found it useful!

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