I spent the first few months of Freddie’s life in survival mode. He was quite an unhappy, little baby with Silent Reflux tainting quite a lot of our time together. I was hanging on for the magical three-month mark when every book, blog and person had told me that things would suddenly get easier. And then they didn’t. Of course I loved Freddie as soon as I met him, all tiny and wrinkly and brand new. Of course we had many special moments together where I laughed and snuggled him and I felt- and still do feel- like the luckiest Mama in the world. But for those first few months, I found motherhood a real struggle and when it wasn’t suddenly easier I had some pretty low moments.

Having said that, at around five and half/six months everything did suddenly become so much easier. Freddie had a much more predictable routine, he began to nap at roughly the same time, his sleep improved again, he was content to play on his own for longer periods and he seemed to learn something new everyday. Since then, it seems to get better and more enjoyable and I genuinely enjoy each day with him. He is my little pal, he’s hilarious, stubborn, mischievous, affectionate and intelligent all wrapped up in an adorable bundle of big blue eyes and tufts of curly, blonde hair. This post is for any other Mama’s out there who have felt the way I did, who have found the first few months really tough and wondered or are wondering when it gets easier. Here are seven things I love about my seven month old.

The way he laughs | Baby giggles are just infectious aren’t they? Everyday Freddie’s laugh seems to get louder and I just love that sound. When he was smaller you would have to work so hard to make him laugh but now he giggles at everything. The dogs leaping down from the sofa prompts proper belly laughs. The sound of his favourite toys sends him into giggle after giggle. It is brilliant and instantly brightens my day.

His fascination with the world around him | Freddie has always been a curious cat, but as he gets older and can interact more with what is around him I have loved watching him explore and work things out. He knows how to spin his favourite toys and whenever you hand him something new he shakes it to see if it makes a noise. It is so, so interesting and I could honestly watch him for hours.

Trying new tastes | Weaning has been such a fun journey! We weaned Freddie early and I talked more about his weaning journey in this post. I love watching him trying new flavours and it is so interesting to see him developing preferences already. I am really looking forward to giving him more of a variety of finger foods from our plates in months to come!

Getting out and about | Freddie was very unpredictable as a young baby and fairly prone to public screaming fits. Classes and baby groups were challenging at times and it made me a bit nervous about leaving the house with him. Things are so different now though! I love taking him everywhere with me and watching him take it all in- as well as try to attract the attention of every passersby…

Being able to understand him better | During those early months it was often hard to know what Freddie wanted. Whether he was tired, whether he was in pain or whether he actually needed yet another feed! It is so much easier now. I can tell exactly what he wants most of the time and he is just generally easier to read which in turn makes my life a lot easier!

How affectionate he is towards me | When Freddie was smaller I could tell he knew I was his Mama by the way he settled in my arms. Especially when he was inconsolable and nobody else could soothe him. Now though, he actively gives me affection and it is just so cute. He holds his arms out to me and wraps them around my neck. When he is tired he will rub his face on my shoulder and his face lights up when I come into his nursery after his nap. It makes all the tough moments worth it especially because one day he will be a strapping teenager and I am sure will have no interest in coming anywhere near me!

Everything he has taught me | Being Freddie’s Mama has taught me so much. How to get through incredibly tough times, how to be patient and have faith in myself. To trust my instincts even when other people disagree. He has taught me more about myself in the seven months since he arrived than I ever thought possible. He has changed me for the better and I still marvel that such a little person has had such a big impact.

If you are reading this post and you have a young baby and are finding it tough. Please know that it does get easier. I can’t tell you exactly when because everyone is different but I do think that around the six month mark it all begins to slot into place. If you have a baby of a similar age I would love to hear if you relate to any of the above! To see more, follow me on Instagram.

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