The majority of the products I bought pre-baby were as a result of recommendations by real mama’s found through blog posts, forums and on social media. Since then, there have been several products that I have used over and over again that were definitely worth the money! However every one has different preferences and so, with that in mind, I took to Instagram to ask other mums what their one essential mother/baby product was. Some of which will definitely be on my list if we are lucky enough to have another one! All of the products, and the contributors social media are linked so make sure you check them out. I have found the Instagram community such a brilliant source of information, hilarity, honesty and solidarity so definitely head on over and say hello! 

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Tara_seb_hugo (Instagram| ‘For me it’s the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier– so good as my boys didn’t want to be put down when they were little, so I always got on with jobs with the boys in this carrier. ‘

Amylouc89 (Instagram) | ‘Definitely Ewan The Dream Sheep. We used him with our little girl from a few weeks old and she can’t sleep without his soothing noises now!’

Througharosietintedlens (Instagram) | ‘The best thing we bought in preparation for our little one was definitely the Sleepyhead. She has loved being in it from day one and it makes the perfect transition from womb to the big wide world. It’s perfectly portable too and we will be taking ours with us on our family holiday so that our little lady feels more at home!

Land_of_lawson (Instagram, Blog, YouTube) | ‘My Mama favourite would have to be the book ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. It helps me to stay motivated to keep on top of the house whilst encouraging me to have some wind down time instead of scrolling through my phone before going to sleep.’

Itisallanah (Instagram) | ‘Without a doubt my round nursing pillow! It is so versatile and great for breastfeeding support as well as propping up a baby with reflux problems, naps, sitting support, there are endless possibilities! I would have been lost without it.’

TheCoastalMummy (Instagram, Blog) | My favourite item would have to be a nursing pillow! It helped me so much after my C-section, it was a lifesaver.’

Amummything (Instagram) | ‘The Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash is my absolute favourite. Maddie has pretty sensitive skin and I tried a few different body washes/shampoos which often irritated her delicate skin. This one is so gentle and smells lovely!’

Roseyhome (Instagram, Blog, YouTube) | ‘The Shnuggle Baby Bath. Maeve absolutely loves it in there! Even if she is really unsettled, once in the tub she immediately relaxes!’

Dayinthelifeof_laura (Instagram) | The Matchstick Monkey! My boy started teething very early on at three months and he struggled to hold and get any teethers into his mouth. The design is the perfect size for small mouths and you have the option to add teething gel to the head too. A great buy!’

Georginaclarkeblog (Instagram, Blog, YouTube) | ‘Definitely a baby sling! It was a must have for when Rory was a newborn!’

Kirsten.witney (Instagram, YouTube) | ‘A good pram! We have the iCandy Peach and we chose it because the base was a lot lighter than other prams and it folds up small. It is also upgradeable for two children. We love it.’

Itsnaptimesomewhere (Instagram, Blog) | ‘I couldn’t live without the NoseFrida!’

Ada_and_us (Instagram) | ‘I love my Moba Moses Basket! It is roomier than many and I highly recommend it for safe sleep as well as being super hygienic!’

The_Potts_Twins (Instagram, Etsy) | ‘Dummies! I started using them because my twins had reflux which made them very unsettled. The dummy gave me two minutes of peace at least during nappy changes etc whilst they were distracted. We tried lots of different types but the Tommee Tippee ones were their favourite.’

Loulou_bear (Instagram, Etsy) | ‘I would highly recommend a Towelling Bath Support. We got ours from Kiddicare and it was super cheap. Your baby just lies on it in a shallow bath and it means you have two hands to wash and play with them!’

Mom_ofboyz (Instagram) | ‘As a mom of multiples my best investment was the Twin Z Nursing Pillow. It’s amazing! You can use it for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy time, reflux and more. I loved to sit the twins in it rather than the bouncer and they loved it.’

Snaphappymammy (Instagram) | ‘The Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Bin is great, saves me from needing to go outside with the nappies and really works at blocking out any odours!’

Cailynsmummy (Instagram, blog) | ‘My favourite baby product is the Harry & Rose baby care pack with hair and body wash, lotion and nappy spray. I swear by it as Cailyn has sensitive skin. For myself I came across Lucky Cloud who are an Edinburgh based all natural company. The skin oils, lip balms and creams are a must for us busy mums who love pampering!’

Mrs_harrington_x (Instagram, Blog) | ‘The CuddleBug Baby Wrap. When I was pregnant I was determined that I wanted to use a baby carrier. I found this wrap on Amazon and it was the best £20 that I spent. Eleanor was a tiny baby but she fitted perfectly inside it and it is so snug. I pretty much use it every day!’

Amyjaneandbaby (me!) | ‘After the Sleepyhead and the Ergo 360, the Swaddle Up 50/50 was an essential for us. Transitioning Freddie from being swaddled was made so easy thanks to this and the close fit of the sleeping bag made him feel secure.’

Fairybumpkin (Instagram) | My most used item, besides my nursing pillow, would be a nursing chair. It really helped me with positioning and latch during the early days and it is lovely for snuggles and stories too.’

Weanwithruby (Instagram) | ‘The Chicco Next To Me crib. As a first time mum I wanted to keep baby close but not actually in my bed. Ruby has terrible reflux so it has been a lifesaver because it can be tilted and also because she sometimes wants to breastfeed hourly and this crib makes it easy to get her in and out’.

Fromrachael_claire (Instagram, Blog) | ‘My favourite is the PurFlo Breathable Nest. It helped Teddy to settle in his crib as soon as we used it whereas before he would only sleep on us!’

Lentilsandlattes (Instagram) | ‘The SoundSleeper app for ipad/iphone is great and definitely worth paying the small fee to play continuously!’

Laurawriteslife (Instagram, Blog) | ‘The Marks & Spencer Isabella Bralette. This delicate lacy number made me feel feminine again! It’s pretty, provides great support and can be pulled down for easy breastfeeding access. Winner!’

Itsamumsword (Instagram, Blog) | ‘This time round I have loved the Snuzpod for safe co-sleeping. Remember to check that it will fit flush against your bed before purchasing so that it can be used properly!’

Mamatomark (Instagram, Blog) | ‘My favourite baby product has been our Ergo 360 Baby Carrier. I use it for everything, multiple times a day and I love that my husband wears it too!’

Amyjaneandbaby (me again!) | ‘As it is unsafe to put a baby in a car seat wearing a thick snowsuit I stumbled upon these all in ones from H & M when Freddie was a newborn. They were thin enough to be safe but when popped over his outfit, kept him toasty warm. Great for when he was in the baby carrier too!’

A big thank you to all of the Mama’s who contributed to this post, the very nosy side of me loved seeing what other people had chosen! I am sure this will be really useful for any Mama’s that are currently expecting or even to add to your existing favourites. I know that there are a few products I am keen to try! I wrote this post on my 0-3 Baby/Mama favourites and this one on for my 3-6 Baby/Mama favourites if you want to see more. Are any of the above your favourite products? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY in this post.

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  1. Hannah Harrington October 5, 2017 / 6:54 am

    Blimey!! You had so many ladies. Well done 😁

    • October 6, 2017 / 8:58 pm

      I know! It was so great to get so many recommendations from so many other Mama’s! I definitely discovered some new products that I want to try!

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