Ever since Freddie arrived, I have marvelled that he is a part of me and a part of my husband. When I was pregnant I used to dream about what he would look like and now that he is here I love watching his appearance gradually change and his features start to resemble a mix of us both. Having a baby has undoubtedly changed our relationship and it has introduced new highs and lows that I had not really anticipated. I thought it would be interesting to list some of the way here to see if any other Mama’s can relate to them too!

  1. Around ninety percent of our conversations revolve around Freddie. How often he has pooed, how many minutes he has napped for, what little thing he has done that is new or different to the day before. Even during our rare baby-free dates where we try to keep the conversation fresh it somehow always ends up back at Freddie!

2. Spontaneity is no longer a word in our vocabularly. It is ridiculously hard to be spontaneous with a baby, especially a young baby! Even if we do decide to do something on the spur of the moment, it still requires a whole plethora of equipment and planning. Will Freddie need a nap? What should he have for his lunch? Is there a change of clothes? That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together because we definitely do, but the days of walking out of the door at a moments notice are long gone.

3. Sleep is a bit like a competition. My husband realised, a few months after we had Freddie, that he could now fall asleep within a couple of minutes whereas pre-Freddie if he was woken up at night it could take him hours. Sleep is a valuable commodity now, to be grabbed wherever and whenever it is available and lie-ins are a thing of the past! On our grumpy days sleep is used a bit like a bargaining chip with whoever has had the least feeling strangely smug…

4. We are now the people eating out at restaurants at five o clock to make sure we are home in time for Freddie’s bedtime! Before we had a baby we would book meals out for eight or nine at night and going out to eat at seven was considering early. Now we usually skip meals out in favour of having lunch out instead but on the rare occasions we do go out for dinner, it all revolves around Freddie’s schedule. Strangely enough I actually prefer eating at lunchtime or having an early dinner! Especially now that Freddie can eat with us, and we can see him experience new foods and enjoy people watching like his Mama.

5. Where once my husband would be excited about the latest piece of technology or a new game, now he gets excited about building or researching new toys or tech for Freddie. Seeing Freddie’s face light up when he tries out a new toy for the first time is just so much more rewarding than a shopping spree for us both.

6. We are such a team. Obviously we were close before we had Freddie- we got married after all! But Freddie’s arrival came with an unspoken feeling of closeness and togetherness that becoming a family brings. Bickering or arguments are underwritten with the knowledge that we a unit and that no matter what, we are together. Nothing else is more important to us than Freddie’s happiness and although it might be soppy to say, he introduced a new and much deeper love than existed before.

Can you relate to any of the above? What changes have you experienced in your relationship since becoming parents? I would love to read them in the comments below or over on my instagram! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway in this post (link here)! You could win some of Freddie and I’s favourite pouches and weaning equipment.

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