I haven’t done a round up of our current favourite products for a couple of months and there have been some products lately that we literally use every day! If you have a baby of a similar age or who is coming up to six months hopefully you might discover some new favourites too!

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Edz Kidz Interlocking Pastel Foam Play Mat £12.95 [link here] | Although I had been coveting a nice monochrome mat, this was an easy, inexpensive option and I actually quite like how the bright colour differentiates between Freddie’s little play area and the rest of the living room.

Britax Romer Dualfix Car Seat £299 [link here] | This was an expensive and rather desperate purchase during the height of Freddie’s car seat meltdowns… Although it did not solve the meltdowns it made an immediate difference and Freddie just looked far more comfortable. This can be used until age four so it was worth the investment and I absolutely love that it spins around to face you. It just makes wrestling a wriggly babe into their seat ten times easier.

Tesco Superfit Nappies £3.50 [link here] | These are the best nappies we have tried and they fit our slim but long baby really well. They are not at all bulky like some other brands and we have never had any leaks whilst using them. Really good value too!

Ergo Baby 360 £134 [link here] | I have mentioned the Ergo 360 so many times but in the past couple of months we have been able to experiment with multiple different carrying positions. Freddie was getting very fussy when worn facing in on me so we have got the hang of the back carry for long walks and then facing outwards for quick trips. Freddie literally squeals with delight when he is facing out and it really appeals to his nosy nature!

Marks & Spencer 2-Pack Pure Cotton Sleeping Bags £35 [link here] | We love the M&S sleeping bags! They are so, so soft and really well made too. They wash beautifully and the designs are super cute too. I think they are great quality for the price and we are on our third set now!

Taf Toys Travel Activity Centre £24.73 [link here] | Another panic car purchase! This keeps Freddie distracted for at least part of any journey and he loves to kick the rollers and look at himself in the mirror (when you’re that cute why wouldn’t you?).

ELC Activity Triangle £16 [link here] | I think this toy was what encouraged Freddie to learn to sit up. Just before he turned six months we could tell he was trying to use his toys to prop himself up but nothing was quite the right size. We bought this on a whim and Freddie loved it, he still plays with it everyday. It was useful to help him balance at the beginning and it was amazing how quickly he learnt to spin and move the different parts.

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug £49 [link here] | Although we bought this when Freddie was around three months old, it only really became useful once we started weaning. We don’t feed Freddie in this but it is so handy to sit him in whilst we prepare his food or potter around in the kitchen. The tray detaches so he also uses it during playtime and he particularly enjoys taking the badger button out! It is also really easy to clean.

Babease Stage One Pouches £1.19 [link here] | The Babease pouches were my absolute favourite for first stage weaning once we began to mix flavours. Cooking huge batches of puree quickly became redundant when I realised how little Freddie actually ate during those first couple of weeks. After that, these became so convenient for taking out and about. Most importantly though, the flavours reflect what is inside! I was surprised when I began choosing pouches to see that some brands would advertise the pouch as being vegetable based but actually they would include more fruit than veg. These were tasty, smelt delicious and I could trust that they were exposing him to a wide range of different flavours.

Are any of the above your favourites or have you discovered something new that you think you might try? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram. Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY in this POST to win some of our favourite pouches and weaning equipment too!

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