I know I said this in last months update, but I really, really can not believe I have an eight month old. That just seems far too grown up and far too close to his first birthday. Every milestone that Freddie reaches is just so bittersweet. I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride when Freddie began to crawl this month (more about this later!) but then a couple of moments later found myself having a little cry because watching him move around the room on his own just looked too grown up. At the same time though, this age has been my favourite so far. Freddie is expressive and is starting to show me what he wants and express likes and dislikes too. He has his own sense of humour and can be very headstrong when he doesn’t get what he wants. Freddie is very easy going generally and taking him out and about is so much easier now. We recently had a little family holiday at Center Parcs and he was such a dream to take away (besides having to share a room again which did not go well!). I am both apprehensive and excited to see what the next month will bring!


6:30/7am: Wake up and Daddy does breakfast.

8:30/9: First Nap (usually between one to two hours).

11:30/12: Lunch

12/12:30: Second Nap (usually around a hour to an hour and a half).

4:00: Offer catnap (he won’t usually take this!).

5:00 Tea.

5:30 Bath/Massage and bedtime routine.

6:00 Bed.

4:00am/5:00am: Night feed.


Freddie continues to be a grazer and feeds whenever he fancies. I have contemplated putting a stricter time limits on feeds to avoid him snacking but it just doesn’t sit well with me. For now I really do not mind feeding him frequently during the day. Freddie takes a bottle with no fuss which is helpful and when I went on a little spa session during our trip to Center Parcs he happily had bottles instead.

Weaning continues to go well although this month Freddie seemed to start showing a preference for how he wanted his meals presented ( either baby led or puree based!). For some meals he wants to be fiercely independent and feed himself and for others he shows no interest in feeding himself at all! To combat this, I have been preparing his food so that he has the option to do either. Generally he seems to want to do more baby led weaning at lunchtime and then puree based for his tea. I am going to introduce a mid afternoon snack in the next week or so because late afternoon he tends to get a bit grumpy and I am wondering if he is actually a bit hungry! When he is teething he doesn’t want anything other than cold fruit-based pouches and veg sticks which is fine too! That’s why I like Mixed Weaning, it gives you the ability to do either or in other words to just go with the flow! I am glad that I did not have a fixed idea on how I wanted to wean because as always Freddie has led the way and shown me what he wants.


Looking back at Freddie’s seven month update it is hard to believe he now naps in his cot! I can really tell from what I wrote in the last update that it was getting me down and I am so glad I decided to start some nap training. I won’t waffle on too much about naps here because I update frequently about them on my Instagram but suffice to say Freddie now naps in his cot two to three times a day. If you want to know more about what I did, I wrote a whole blog post about it here. Often he will refuse the cat nap I offer at around four ish which can make him cranky before bedtime but the upside is on those days he is usually asleep by half six.
Most nights Freddie is only waking for one feed around four am and then will generally sleep until around half six/seven. Obviously babies are unpredictable so some nights he might wake for a feed at three and five but generally we are on track for one night feed which is a big improvement on last month. The next leap is due soon so it may all go out of the window… we will see!


It feels like Freddie has really come on developmentally this month! At just over seven and a half months he began to crawl forwards which I really wasn’t ready for. At first he was really slow and then literally overnight he seemed to pick up speed and now he can get across the room in seconds which is both impressive and terrifying. He doesn’t get up on his knees yet so it is very much a commando crawl but he is really quick so I think at the moment he has little motivation to try. He will rock forwards and can go a little way on his knees but soon flops onto his tummy once he really wants to get to someone or something! The first time he followed the dogs into the kitchen they looked at me with a mixture of confusion and horror as it dawned on them that their toys and dens were no longer safe- they have now taken to the sofa for some peace and quiet instead! In the last day or so he has started pulling himself up on things (the sofa, me, the airer!) which really shocked me. He is very wobbly and can’t stay up for long which to be honest I am thankful for because neither the house or I are quite ready for that. Baby proofing has shot to the top of our list and I am considering writing a post about the little tweaks we are going to make, let me know if that would be of interest!
He is fascinated by little details like buttons, screws or labels and will study them for quite a while. He loves to shake things and when I sing a song he will shake his toys in response. He holds his arms out when he wants to be picked up which is really cute and has started banging his highchair tray when he is hungry and I am not preparing his food quickly enough! Freddie has worked out how to play with Barney & Dougal (our dogs) and will grab their toys and then hold them out for them to take. He then chases them and grabs them back again which he finds hilarious.
Once thing that has surprised me this month is he has started to throw a little tantrum when he is frustrated or I do something that he doesn’t like. This has only started over the last few days and I know it shouldn’t but it does make me laugh. Yesterday I took his Octopus toy and put it in the changing bag ready for our trip out and he started crying and whining until I gave it back!
I am thinking of continuing these updates until Freddie turns one. They are really fun to look back on and it is so interesting to see what little (or big!) ways Freddie has changed as the months go by. What milestones has your little one achieved this month? Is there anything that has surprised you about your baby recently? Let me know in the comments below or pop on over to my Instagram. Also today is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY, to enter click here.
Have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading,
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    • October 18, 2017 / 8:30 am

      Thank you lovely, I have to stop myself from taking too many! He just seems to grow before my eyes, it has flown by.

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