Before I had Freddie, I tried to keep an open mind about what motherhood would entail and the sort of Mama I wanted to be. There were a few ideas and opinions that I was pretty certain I could stick to, but of course, Freddie had other ideas and I have compromised most of them during the last eight months! Here are the ten things I said I would never do.

Leave my baby before six months | I was quite insistent that I would not leave Freddie until he was at least six months old but at only six weeks, we went out for a meal to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was a complete mix of emotions for me, and although it was important to celebrate we were home within an hour!

Dummies | I was a bit judgemental about dummies before I had Freddie. After the first four weeks when Freddie was still breastfeeding pretty much constantly (he was a very sucky baby!) I must have tried every single brand of dummy desperately hoping he would accept one. He didn’t but I would definitely try again if we are lucky enough to have a second!

Bright & colourful toys | Before I became a Mama my house was a neutral lovers paradise, full of soft greys and a few pastels here and there. Sadly it turns out babies love the brightest, gaudiest, noisiest toys imaginable. To contain the colour, I would recommend purchasing a bright play mat and then keeping everything on top of it as that seems to keep our living room looking relatively relaxing!

Cut my hair | I had noticed that a lot of mums seem to cut their hair shortly after having a baby but I was sure I would not go for the chop! However lack of time, a very clingy baby and a hair-puller soon changed my mind and I love my new shoulder length cut.

Weaning early | I am slightly embarrassed at this one because I really could not see any reason why anyone would wean early pre-baby. It just did not cross my mind that it could have been for medical reasons until we had to wean at five months- you can read more about why in this post.

Co-sleep | I found the concept of Co-sleeping quite scary but when Freddie was a couple of weeks old he would only settle if cuddled up in bed next to me. I never slept very well with him in our bed so when he decided to settle in his Sleepyhead instead I was relieved. I would do it again with another baby though because anything for a bit more sleep…

Hospital Birth | I had my heart set on a lovely water birth in my local midwifery unit complete with mood lighting and comfy sofa beds but as I was induced two weeks early due to reduced movement concerns it just wasn’t possible. Although my labour was a bit dramatic at times (read more here) it all worked out well in the end and I hope to try a midwife unit next time!

Solo Nights | A couple of months after we had Freddie my husband took on some extra responsibilities at work which means he is now away for a night every fortnight at least. I still find those times difficult because although he is never usually home before six in the evenings, once he is home I have someone to help out or make me a cup of tea! I am proud of him though and it is just something that comes with the job.

Sleep Training | We have followed a rough attachment parenting style so far but at seven months I began to do some nap training with Freddie. Although I know it can be controversial it was absolutely the right decision for Freddie and I am so glad that I did it.

Baby TV/iPad | My baby would never watch TV I said. Well it turns out I would do pretty much anything to enjoy my morning coffee and if CBeebies keeps Freddie amused for long enough for me to finish it then that’s fine with me! Oh and when I am trying to get ready, and when I am trying to change his nappy and he wants to crawl away and if he is particularly grumpy before his tea time…

Was there anything that you said you wouldn’t do pre-baby that you ended up doing? I would love to know! Don’t forget to share this if you think other Mamas might find it useful and I would love to chat more over on my Instagram!

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  1. Caityljs November 9, 2017 / 7:28 pm

    I’m currently pregnant with my first (33+3weeks) and I’m just accepting that anything might happen and I’m going into parenthood with an open mind to try or not try whatever seems to happen. Although I have said to myself a few times that I won’t let the house get overrun with colourful plastic toys… I bet I won’t be able to keep that one up, but… one can hope!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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