Although your baby might not actually need all of these toys, they have been firm favourites of Freddie’s and I would highly recommend them if you are expecting or have a little one! None of the above are particularly budget busting and they have provided hours of fun as well as preventing many a car seat meltdown. Some of them are currently in the sale too!

From top left.

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock (£9.74, currently 25% off) | In case you are wondering if the Lamaze toys are the worth the money, they are! This was Freddie’s favourite during the early months because the high contrast colours really caught his eye. Once he was learning to grasp toys he enjoyed the different textures and the squeaky wings too!

Playgro Spinning Toy (£6.99) | This is intended to be a highchair toy which it is pretty useless at because the top part comes off from the base really easily. But on it’s own it is brilliant and a firm favourite of Freddie’s. He loves to twirl the toys, shake it and occasionally suck the tabs… odd baby!

Taf Toys Rattle (£5, similar design) | Freddie adores this rattle. It is the perfect size for small hands to hold and even now at eight months old he will still reach for it. He loves sucking on the little ears and the ring shape means it is easy to grip. A complete bargain too!

Activity Triangle (£16) | I purchased this when Freddie was around five months old and it was such a brilliant buy in terms of helping Freddie during the wobbly stage of learning to sit up. He no longer uses it for that but instead enjoys spinning the cogs and moving the different parts around which is really cute to watch.

Babyplay Octopus Textured Toy (£6.40, on sale) | Freddie’s Granny bought this for him when he was a tiny newborn and it has gradually crept into our changing bag because it is one if his favourite car toys. He loves holding onto the textured tentacles and chowing down on the ring if his teeth are being a bother. The big eyes seem to make him giggle too!

Stacking Cups (99p, Charity Shop) | Now that Freddie is older and likes a mixture of toys I have been venturing into charity shops to find some bargains and these have been my best find so far! Freddie enjoys banging them together and knocking over the towers that Mama makes for him. Obviously he can’t stack the cups yet but they are his current favourite and I can see them being really useful in the future for teaching colours and counting.

Bright Starts Tug Toys Monkey (£10.48, Amazon) | Another car lifesaver, this musical monkey can always persuade Freddie to crack a smile. Although you cannot replace the batteries, it has lasted for four or five months so far and it can attach to a pram too!

Mamas & Papas Activity Tray (£8) | Although this came with our Mamas & Papas Baby Snugit is a regular favourite of Freddie’s and he enjoys playing with it on the floor instead. When he was smaller it was great for tummy time and encouraging him to learn to roll. Now that he is bigger, he enjoys sitting and spinning the different parts and also turning it over to explore what is underneath!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm Musical Book (£2.94) | Although I slightly hate this book having heard the song a million times, Freddie loves it! The thick pages are easy for small hands to grab and the big button means that he can set the song off on his own. I will be buying more books in this range because they are so easy for little ones to use!

Have any of the above given you some inspiration for which toys to buy your baby next? What is your little ones’ current favourite toy? If you want to see more of what Freddie and I have been loving, have a look at our Mama & Baby Must Haves or follow us over on Instagram, we would love to chat!

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  1. Lisa October 29, 2017 / 10:00 am

    Dylan is the exact same with the activity tray. Much more fun to play on the floor apparently! He also loves the Bright Starts monkey. I’m hoping he loses interest with it before the batteries run out, ha ha! I think I need to get the activity triangle though because Dylan is just refusing to sit so hopefully it will do the same for him.

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