Recently, I asked over on Instagram which posts you would like to see and the subject of me-time was a resounding yes! I think it took me until Freddie was six months old to realise that to be the best Mama I could be, I needed some time to myself. Before then, I had been so consumed by making sure that Freddie’s every need was met that I had basically forgotten that I had any needs at all. I definitely neglected the part of me that is ‘Amy’ rather than ‘Mama’ and it began to show. Since then, I have been working on creating small, simple ways to carve out some me-time. Sometimes it does not happen because teething, separation anxiety, my husbands working hours or nap refusing gets in the way but it has become a priority to me. Although some of these tips might not work for you, I hope you find something useful that you can adapt to your own situation because you deserve and need some time out, we all do!

Start the day off right | Since Freddie was around five and a half months old my husband has taken him downstairs every morning to give him breakfast and have a play. It meant accepting that we needed a ‘get up’ time and sticking to it but the benefits are more than worth it. Most mornings, Freddie gets up between six and seven and I know that I get thirty/forty-five minutes before my husband leaves for work. Some days I enjoy a long shower, somedays I lounge around in bed and others I get ready and enjoy not having to rush to shove my make up on! Even if your partner leaves early I would highly recommend trying to build in even fifteen minutes because starting the day without rushing around after an excitable baby makes me feel much more prepared to face whatever the day throws at us!

Pick a morning ritual and stick to it | Mine is my morning coffee! I got a Nespresso machine for my birthday and although pricey it has become an everyday slice of luxury. I always give myself ten minutes or so (depending on how Freddie is feeling!) to enjoy my coffee and scroll through my phone whilst he play with his toys. Besides the fact that it is good for him to be able to play independently, I feel like I am prioritising myself and even though it is only a little thing, it helps a lot! You could do the same with your favourite tea, breakfast food or even painting your nails.

Don’t make everything else a priority except YOU | This is something that I really struggle with but I am working on it. When Freddie is napping or his Daddy is looking after him I am always tempted to start doing housework or life admin work and then end up feeling completely frazzled and unfulfilled. Instead, I try to have some time to myself first. Even if it is only ten minutes to have a browse at baby clothes (so cute!) or just sit and relax, it means that when I am needed again I feel much more refreshed.

Grab it whenever you can | I am becoming a bit of a pro at this! If we are out at the weekend and Freddie is napping I use that time to grab a quick coffee. If family are over I will pop upstairs for a long shower or nip out to the shops. If my husband comes home early I will have a hot drink and a nice treat on my own downstairs. Grabbing a few minutes here and there helps me to feel like I am a priority and gives me a chance to gather my thoughts too.

Unplug | Although I love social media, I have found that for me I need some time to unplug to feel truly rested. I loved reading but hadn’t picked up a book since Freddie was born! I have found when I use some me-time before bed to do something other than be online I feel far more rested. If books aren’t your thing maybe use that time for some self-care. Use a face mask, read a magazine or enjoy a hot drink and a treat. Give your brain a break.

Use your weekends | During the week my husband is rarely home before Freddie goes to bed and so me-time during the week has to be snatched during nap-time and the morning routine. To make up for that, I try to plan in some time for myself every weekend. Usually my husband will take Freddie for a nap in the carrier so that I have a chunk of time where I don’t need to worry about settling the baby or making sure his needs are met. It is great to grab some time everyday but an extended chunk on the weekend is a great way to feel ready to take on the highs and lows of motherhood once your little one returns! I love spending time as a family but my husband gets to enjoy some one-on-one time with Freddie and I get a bit of a break. Everyone wins!

Have a date to aim for | Every couple of months I try to schedule a longer period of time to myself. This could be getting my hair cut and coloured or for special occasions, a spa afternoon with my sisters or even a little shopping trip. As Freddie is breastfed I don’t tend to be away from him for more than a few hours but having a special date to look forward too is so important to me. If I am having a tricky day I know that in the very near future, I can enjoy a few hours just for me. The first time I did this I felt so guilty at first, I like I should be with my baby instead. But shortly into it I relaxed and realised it was the first time I had truly felt like myself and not just Mama in months! By the time I got home to Freddie I felt so excited to see him and a lot less stressed.

How do you make sure you get some me-time? Was there anything in this post that might try? I would love to know what you think, leave me a comment!

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