Freddie is almost nine months old so as I enjoyed writing the last post like this, I thought I would do one for eight months too! When I was having a bit of a rough time during the fourth trimester, which you can read more about here, I found posts like this one really helped me to look forward to the ways in which Freddie would change and develop. I am finding each month more and more enjoyable and although squishy newborn cuddles are still very much missed, my mischievous eight month old is so much more fun! If you are finding motherhood tricky right now, if your little one is in the middle of a leap or feeding all of the time, if they won’t be put down, know it does get better- I promise!  Here are the eight things I love about my eight month old.

The way he ‘talks’ | Of course Freddie can’t really talk- although I have heard that some babies have said their first word by now… But he does these kind of shouts when he want to communicate. It is so cute, as if he is saying ‘Mama, hey, I’m over here!’. He can be really loud when he wants to be and seems to be very much enjoying the attention he gets when he makes lots of noise!

Watching him play | I have really noticed a change in how Freddie plays with his toys this month! He has a fascination with cogs and wheels and is drawn towards those toys over others. I bought him a set of toys cars at the weekend and it amazed me how quickly he worked out how to push them along the floor. Now he just needs to work out how to turn them back over when they flip! Freddie’s other big love in life is doors…particularly swinging them backwards and forwards which has led to a few tricky situations when he has shut me in the toilet after I dared to go for a wee! Trying to negotiate with an eight month old is not easy…

His fearlessness | My baby is so fearless. I have to watch him like a hawk because at the moment his ambition far outstrips his ability! Freddie can stand holding onto something for a few minutes on his own but lately he will try to take a step and throw himself away from whatever he is leaning on. He is nowhere near walking but is so determined to get what he wants but his body hasn’t quite caught up with his brain! I really hope that this quality stays with him because although it can be a bit nerve-wracking, I am a bit of an over thinker and I wish was a little more fearless sometimes!

That he likes his buggy | I am sure I could have put Freddie in his buggy a month ago and he have been fine but I was too traumatised by the way he used to cry when he was younger. This month we have been using the pram more and more and I love it! I adore our pram (the Bugaboo Cameleon) and being able to push Freddie in it makes me so, so proud.

We share meals | This month Freddie began to show less of an interest in purees and so, as I have always tried to, I followed his lead and introduced a more baby led approach. He has taken to this so well and I love that we can enjoy lunch together. Freddie’s current favourites are pancakes, pitta bread pizzas and tuna toasties. Look out for an updated weaning post soon!

How sociable he is | Freddie is such a little charmer at the moment! Wherever we go he is always on the lookout for people he can stare down until they smile at him. He has perfected quite the stare and it usually has the desired effect. If all else fails, he tries out his new trick and shouts at them instead…

His wandering hands when he feeds | This just cracks me up. Although Freddie doesn’t fall asleep on the boob anymore (except for naps and bedtime…oh and the many night feeds at the moment!) he does love to have a good snuggle. Unfortunately, this usually involves his hands drifting all over my neck, face, inside my mouth, pushing my jumper around and the occasional nipple tweak… It’s a bit like snuggling with an angry koala bear.

Seeing his relationship with his Daddy | Of course Freddie has always loved his Daddy but now that he is that bit older it is so much fun seeing their relationship flourish. Freddie’s favourite thing is to pull his Daddy’s beard which is hilarious and they have their own little jokes and games together too. My heart feels so full when Freddie cuddles into G when he is tired or just needs to feel safe. It is adorable.

If you have an eight month old can you relate to any of these? What is your current favourite thing about your baby? Let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram or TwitterI would love to know!

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