Motherhood is a funny, old thing. In one way it makes us fearless, protective and strong but the self doubt can be crippling sometimes and I think it is important to acknowledge that. We all doubt ourselves – well at least I hope so and I’m not just speaking for myself here! I thought I would share the six honest questions I have asked myself, can you relate to any of these?

Why won’t my baby sleep? | Unfortunately, this question is not just reserved for those hazy newborn days! Whether it be teething, illness or a sleep regression, there have been many nights where I have asked myself this over and over again. As the months go by, I have come to accept that everything is a phase and that whatever is going on will not continue forever (usually only a couple of weeks!). That doesn’t stop you feeling any less exhausted though but that is where a good coffee machine really comes into its own…

How do I do that? | Motherhood is generally painted as something that is meant to come naturally and to an extent it does, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have moments where you don’t have a clue what to do! Whether it be putting Freddie in his carrier for the first time, battling with the pram, that first breastfeed or dealing with teething woes it is all one big learning curve. Don’t feel bad if you don’t instinctively know how to do everything, you are only human!

Is that normal? | The first time Freddie had solids I remember being, lets say ‘surprised’ by the contents of his nappy. Likewise the week he spent tilting his head to one side for no apparent reason (I think he just wanted to mess with my head…) or the first time he got a teething rash. I think, especially with your first baby, you tend to look into every little thing. I have always gone with my instincts during those times and if that fails then a little late night googling has never let me down!

Why can’t I be better at this? | This one is important to include because it is so normal and not talked about enough. I have had many rubbishy parenting days during the last nine months where I have questioned myself and felt like the worst mum in the world. Actually, feeling this way is a sign that you are doing a good job and that you care. Although of course it would be nice to not feel this way! Each month that goes by I get better at recognising these feelings and getting over them quicker so there is hope but from reading other blogs and talking to other Mama’s it never truly goes away!

Why am I not thinner? | I really struggled with this at the beginning because I had read a lot of articles that suggested that as I was breastfeeding the weight would just fall off me. When that didn’t happen I was left feeling really disheartened. For me, I actually lost more weight when Freddie was around five months and started only napping in the carrier on the go and then again more recently now that he is so much more mobile. Of course I still look nothing like my pre-baby self but that is okay. I grew a baby and pushed it out, my body deserves a bit of a break.

Why is everyone else’s baby…? | There are so many endings to this question! A better eater, sleeper, more advanced, more affectionate, chunkier, more chilled and the list goes on. Although comparison can be the thief of joy, I think it is normal to make comparisons between babies of a similar age. However if making those comparisons is causing you to feel bad it becomes a bit unhealthy. Every baby is different and where one baby may be more advanced in one way your baby will be advanced in a different way! Your baby is unique and will get there in their own time.

I would love to know which one of these you can relate to most, leave me a comment I would love to chat! Also the lovely Rachael (From Rachael Claire) wrote 10 Honest Thoughts Of A First Time Mum’ recently which is definitely worth a read!

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