The wonderful world of weaning, one of the most exciting but nerve-wracking times as a first time mum. It can be stressful too, making sure you introduce your baby to a range of flavours, worrying about what they will or won’t eat and wondering if you’re doing it ‘right’. We had to start weaning Freddie at five months due to Silent Reflux which you can read more about here. We began with purees and then progressed to mixed weaning at six months. Recently, we have switched to mainly baby led weaning and I thought it would be useful to share the four ways we make weaning fun!

weaning idea for seven month old, baby led weaning, plate of food shaped like a rocket in space.


When Organix contacted us to ask if we would try out one of their Fun Platesit was an easy yes! I have been buying Organix products ever since Freddie started mixed weaning at six months because of their organic ingredients and focus on nutrition. The multi-packs are a must have for throwing in our changing bag and Freddie has the Organix porridge for breakfast every morning. As Freddie is almost nine months old I have started offering him a snack mid-afternoon and the apple rice cakes or the carrot puffs are a firm favourite. With an easily distracted baby, finding ways to make mealtimes interesting has become pretty important and adding an element of play at lunchtime certainly caught Freddie’s attention.

baby led weaning idea, baby exploring plate of food shaped like a rocket

baby eating Organix carrot puffs, baby led weaning idea.

You can find the ingredients and instructions for how to create this yummy Rocket Plate on the Organix website. We adapted this plate to suit Freddie’s age which was easy to do. Just swap out each element for whichever foods your baby is currently eating or for much younger babies soften vegetables by cooking them first. It was great fun watching Freddie explore and inspired me to be a bit more creative with how I present his food!


baby led weaning, baby choosing pieces of foot to eat from a plate including Organix products

Dinner time, unlike breakfast and lunch, can be a bit of a struggle with Freddie approaching his fussiest time of the day! I have found that feeding Freddie in the kitchen for this meal usually results in some sort of meltdown. Being a bit nosy, he finds it frustrating watching me prepare his food without being able to get involved! As much as I would love him to be able to chop his own vegetables and knock up a quick dinner, we aren’t quite at that stage of weaning yet! Instead I have been varying where I feed him. Sometimes he eats in the kitchen, sometimes at the table in the living room and occasionally in front of CBeebies if we have had a particularly fractious afternoon… Of course I am not advocating putting your baby in front of the tv for every meal but try switching up where they are eating and see if it makes a difference. It is worth a try!


Freddie is a people watcher just like his Mama, and ever since he progressed from starting weaning to multiple meals a day we have brought his food out with us. There is something about being out of the house and eating amongst other people that seems to really inspire him to try new flavours. I picked up a lunchbox for Freddie a week or so ago and he is just a little bit obsessed with it. I think the novelty of having his food in a coloured box with different sections is just too intriguing and he is quite content to sit and explore the contents. At the start of our weaning journey, I had a lot of anxiety about taking Freddie out for lunch. What if he gagged or choked in public? I also worried a lot about whether people would judge me for the way I was weaning him. But I quickly relaxed into it and I actually really enjoy our lunches out together now! It is a great way to change up our daily routine.

4 | RELAX!

Linking on from the previous tip, my absolute top tip for making weaning fun is to relax. It is so easy to worry about how much (or how little!) your baby is eating and to compare them to other babies but every baby is different. As Freddie began weaning early due to Silent Reflux he progressed to eating a range of foods quite quickly but now that he is older he is definitely developing favourites, making it harder to convince him to try new foods! The key to keeping the whole experience stress-free is to offer different textures and flavours but not to stress if they are refused. Trying other foods in the same family or combining flavours can work well too. If your baby won’t eat peas then try green beans or add some mint to some pea puree to create a dipping sauce. Trust your baby to take what they need and leave what they don’t.

What is your top tip for weaning? Don’t forget to check out the whole range of different Fun Plates by Organixwe will definitely be trying the others fun food scenes too!

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*Organix kindly sent us the rice cakes and carrot puffs to use for the Fun Plate but this is not a sponsored post and all views expressed in this post are our honest opinions.

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