baby boy in grey pom pom hat, Nine month update. sleep regression

Just three months until Freddie turns one which is a little too much for my heart to handle. This month was very challenging with Freddie going through his sixth leap. The leap started with an explosion of new skills and it was obvious that he was going through something developmentally because of how rapidly he was learning. Unfortunately, this also made Freddie cranky, easily upset and very restless at night. It also coincided with the peak of some serious separation anxiety, a chesty cough and a pretty bad bout of teething too. All in all, this month has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Whilst it has been fascinating to see Freddie learning so many new skills, the crankiness, nap refusing and sleepless nights have been really tough. However, the last couple of days Freddie has seemed a lot more settled and much happier so I am really hoping things are on the up!


baby boy sat on the floor eating some sliced vegetables. Nine month update. Weaning. Sleep regression

Freddie is still breastfed and I am really hoping to continue until he turns one. With seperation anxiety featuring often this month, frequent breastfeeding  has been hard when I have wanted (or needed) a physical break and Freddie won’t settle without a feed. What I have noticed is that Freddie will still feed very frequently if he and I are at home. Whereas if he is out with his Dad or distracted he can now go three hours or more between feeds. I am planning to express more often this month in preparation for both our first overnight without baby boy (so nervous, more about that soon!) and so that his Dad can take him out for longer at the weekends if I do need a bit of me-time.

We have definitely moved towards a much more baby led approach to mealtimes as Freddie has become a bit older. I mentioned in my last update that Freddie was starting to show more of a preference towards baby led at some meals and that has certainly been the case, if in fact more so, this month. Usually Freddie has a purely baby led lunch and then sometimes puree in addition to baby led at tea time too. For breakfast, he has his porridge which he absolutely loves so that has not changed. Most days Freddie also has a snack either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. He definitely favours carbs over anything else, particularly carbs and cheese (a bit like his Mama!). I have been thinking of doing a ‘What Freddie Eats In A Day’ post, let me know if that would be helpful or interesting.


baby holding a book as if reading it. nine month update. weaning. sleep regression

Sleep has been a bit of a sore subject this month. After a few days (and nights!) of wondering what an earth had happened to my once chilled, two feeds a night baby I turned to my trusty Wonderweeks app. As I had suspected, Freddie was right in the middle of a leap and to make matters worse there is a big sleep regression around eight to ten months as well. Freddie began waking multiple times a night, I think the record was around seven or eight but more commonly around four times and it was like having a newborn again. He would only settle if fed or held by me which whilst flattering, was really hard for G who just wanted to help. Naps become a huge battle and the lunchtime nap dropped to around twenty minutes which meant Freddie was a cranky mess for the rest of the afternoon resulting in a very unsettled bedtime. He also needed to be fed completely to sleep.

I did a bit of research and found out that during this leap/regression babies literally find themselves too exciting which makes them wake more often and find it hard to settle to sleep. Reading that this was all very normal made me feel reassured although I have to say I don’t find it all that exciting when Freddie wakes for the fifth time in a night…Although for now I am just going to wait and see, if the multiple wake ups continue I think we will need to explore some sleep training so that we all feel a bit more rested.

After a lot of trial and error I have changed up our daily routine so that Freddie has a short morning nap resulting (hopefully) in a much longer lunch one so that he is less tired during the afternoons. It seems to be starting to work but I know it will take a bit of persistence! I am sure I will keep you updated over on my Instagram if you have a little one of a similar age and are curious.


baby boy in a bobble hat looking at the floor. nine month update, sleep regression. weaning.

Reading back through Freddie’s eight month update I can’t quite believe just how much he has changed in just one month! Freddie now crawls on all fours (just after I wrote the last update he learnt to do this!), pulls himself up to standing and has worked out how to get back down too. Lately, he has started taking one arm off and holding on with only one arm when he is leaning against something steady. When I put my hands out he holds on to them and pulls himself up to standing- he loves to stand! He is very strong and often locks his legs when I put him on the floor. Freddie can go from flat on his tummy/back, to straight into crawling and then transition to sitting and moves between all of those positions with ease. One unfortunate side effect is that he has now realised he can sit and stand in his cot which has not helped the sleeping issue!

In terms of play time, Freddie’s favourite game is to knock over towers that I build for him which amazed me a bit because I didn’t realise he would figure that out so soon. I have really tried to stay away from milestones websites and just be led by him but as a result I don’t really know what he is ‘supposed’ to be doing! Freddie is showing a preference towards smaller toys too and likes toys that he can hold in his hands whilst he crawls around. He also enjoys banging toys on other things and making lots of noise.

Freddie’s big love in life is doors…specifically swinging doors. He will happily sit and swing the doors/baby gates backwards and forwards and gets fairly irate if I try and stop him. The banging noise is a small price to pay for five minutes of peace! Rather excitingly, it has become really clear the last few days that Freddie has learnt to wave! I am not quite sure if he knows the right time to wave or anything but he is definitely waving and it is really cute. He is saying vowel sounds much more clearly which has led to a couple of ‘Did he?’ moments. One of which where he said a very audible ‘Mama’. But since then he has gone back to just ‘Mmmmmmm-mmmmmm-aaa’ so I don’t think he has said his first word quite yet!

Perhaps my favourite development so far is that Freddie now loves his pram! In all honestly he would probably have been fine in it last month too but the screaming fits he had in it when he was smaller had scared me a bit and I was too scared to try. We have been really enjoying our daily dog walks where I face him out so he can watch Barney and Dougal racing around. It is also a lot easier when popping into the shops etc. I feel so proud pushing him around in his pram and I have fallen in love with our Bugaboo, it is so comfy to push and really easy to use.

Looking back, this month has been the most and least fun all at once! Overall though I am just so proud of Freddie and everyday I fall more and more in love with my beautiful, funny and mischievous little man. I am intrigued to see what the next month brings and I will be back to update you in a month or so!

How has your month been with your little one? What is your favourite and least favourite thing about their current age? I would love to know.

Thanks for reading,


P.s Looking for weaning ideas for your little one? Check out ‘Weaning | Four Ways To Make It Fun’.

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