December is creeping up on me and I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming festive period. More specifically, Freddie’s first ever Christmas! Buying gifts for a baby is a bit difficult because in all honestly, they will play with absolutely anything at this age. As Freddie will be ten months old this Christmas, he will not really understand what is going on and too many gifts could be overwhelming. After a lot of browsing, I have decided on a selection of presents that can grow with him and he can enjoy now too. Hopefully this guide will give you a bit of inspiration for what to buy for your baby!

Baby christmas gift. Set of wooden building blocks.

Although this TIDLO block set is aimed at an older child, after a lot of discussion with our local toy shop we felt Freddie would enjoy this now and as he grows up. Freddie’s current favourite game is to knock over towers, so this gift  will be a fun way for him to learn to manipulate smaller toys. We originally considered Duplo but decided he wasn’t quite ready for that yet! This toy has real longevity and I can image him using it to build castles, homes and dens when he is a bit older too! Freddie’s Granny has purchased some wooden animals to go with this which is a great idea for family members who are not sure what gift to buy. I love the fact that it is wooden too, we have so many plastic toys and I think this will be a set that we can treasure for a long time.

Baby christmas gift, wooden hammer set with shapes in holes.

Another wooden toy and another toy with lots of room for Freddie to grow and develop. He absolutely loves banging objects together to make lots of noise and although he may not be able to manipulate the hammer just yet, the shapes push easily through the different slots. This gift will be great for teaching fine motor skills too!

baby christmas gift, squeaky egg toys.

These TOMY squeaky eggs have been on my wish list for a while now and after a rave review from ‘A Mummy Thing’ over on Instagram I decided to add them to Freddie’s Christmas gifts. There are so many uses for these and they seem to really capture the imagination of little ones. Fab for teaching colours and early counting in the future as well.

Baby Christmas gift guide. Hungry caterpillar learning board books.

To put it mildly, Freddie enjoys his books but is not the most gentle with them so this ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ board book set is the perfect gift. I know that we are a long way off Freddie learning his colours and so on but it is never too early for children to become familiar with the different words and pictures. Babies and children learn best through discovery and the fact that these books are based around ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ is sure to capture their imagination. A bargain too!

baby christmas gift guide, christmas song themed musical baby book.

Musical books absolutely fascinate Freddie at the moment and he loves working out how to turn on the different songs. I thought this Musical Christmas Book would be a fun, festive twist on our usual book collection and secretly, I think I will look forward to reading this more than Freddie will! I actually picked up one of these in TkMaxx so it might be working checking out their book section if you have one nearby.

baby christmas gift guide. Reindeer onesie with stripy red and oatmeal colour.

Every Christmas, my mum would buy us all a festive pair of pajamas for Christmas day and I want to continue this tradition for Freddie too. I popped into Primark to pick up some basics and spotted this in the children’s section, it was too cute to leave behind! I have since seen that it comes with matching booties too so I will definitely be returning for those as well.

I really hope this helped you if you are struggling to know what gifts to buy for your baby. Whether you choose to buy a lot or a little, Christmas is about so much more than just the presents. Although I know Freddie won’t remind his first Christmas, we certainly will and I am definitely starting to feel a bit festive! What is on your gift list for your little one? I would love to know, leave me a comment and we can chat more. Keep an eye out for more festive posts during December too…

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