One of the biggest comforts to me during this crazy motherhood journey so far has been reading about the experiences of other Mama’s with babies of a similar age or just ahead. Today’s post is a collab with three other lovely Mama’s with babies of all different ages. Whether these posts reassure, entertain, encourage or amuse, I hope they help you to feel a little less alone.

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Anna is Mama to now four month old baby girl, Emilia.You can find her over on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog ‘All About Anna‘ where she posts about all things motherhood, travel and her current home renovation project.


Emilia has just turned 4 months old, and I am loving this age. We had a tricky period over the last two months because she had a posterior tongue tie which wasn’t diagnosed for a while.

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This meant she lost a lot of weight, constantly cried despite feeding endlessly and was really not a happy bunny. Since she had it snipped a month ago, there’s been a period of adjustment and getting used to combination feeding (which I hope will be temporary).

Although she has recently gone through her fourth leap, we’re slowly starting to see a different little lady. Emilia now goes for an afternoon nap nearly every day (after two months of barely napping at all) and she sleeps brilliantly at night. We are one day away from the end of Leap four and you can really tell. Yesterday she properly giggled at me for the first time (MJ’s Smooth Criminal is apparently very amusing when I sing it…). My heart absolutely melted, and I may have cried a little bit too. It was such a joy to see her so happy after a difficult time.

Emilia is changing so fast in so many ways. “Talking” and singing to herself, playing with toys in a deliberate way now instead of just hitting them, and desperately trying to sit herself up. I am so excited to see what new things the next few months bring, and especially about her first Christmas! One thing I have learnt about having a baby this age (and any age) is that everything is just a phase and constantly changing. The best thing you can do is just take it one day at a time and not compare yourself to others.

My most loved product recently (and since she was born) is my Free Rider Range wrap. I have walked miles with her safely snoozing in it when nothing else would get her to sleep, and it means I can take my two dogs out too because I’ve got my hands free.There is nothing cuter than teeny tiny baby snores coming from your chest.

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Rachael is Mama to six month old baby boy, Theodore (Teddy). You can find her over on Instagram, Twitter, and her blog From Rachel Claire where she blogs about parenting and lifestyle including some really helpful posts for new and aspiring bloggers!


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My favourite thing about Teddy at this age is definitely watching him learn and discover new things every day! It still blows my mind how quickly they go from a tiny baby who can’t even hold their own head up, to suddenly rolling over, grabbing their toys and babbling away. On the flipside, this age is also really difficult. Teddy is more aware of me leaving the room so as soon as I rush off to do something he’ll start crying or whingeing. I’ll have to abandon whatever it is I am doing (whether that be trying to do the washing up, get myself some dinner or even pee!) and get back to him. He has also discovered the art of little temper tantrums. He isn’t afraid to let you know when he’s had enough or isn’t happy…I don’t know where he gets it from! Honest…

Teddy is currently trying to master the art of crawling! He will roll over onto his belly, try to push himself onto his knees and stick his bum in the air. He can’t wait to be on the move. I can’t tell if i’m excited, sad or dreading when he does eventually learn to crawl!

We are about to embark on the weaning adventure! Teddy has just turned six months and is more than ready to get started on eating proper foods. We are planning on doing baby led weaning so i’m excited to get started and watch him discover all of the new tastes and textures. A small part of me is quite sad that he won’t just be relying on my breastmilk as his only source of nutrition. Is that silly?

If I had to give any mum a piece of advice…? It would be to know that although it may not feel like it at the time, you are doing such an incredibly wonderful job. Just do what works best for you and your baby, whatever that may be. At the end of the day, we are simply doing the very best we can.

My favourite product which I highly recommend for somebody with a six month old would be anything musical! Teddy has a Giraffe toy that plays different tunes, gives you little facts about Giraffes and counts to three. It literally cost about £6 from Asda  and we’ve had it since he was around three months old.

Thank you so much to Amy for asking me to share my experience of being a mummy to a six month old. I really hope any new mums or mums-to-be out there have found this somewhat useful and maybe given you a little insight as to what you can expect.

Thank you so much Anna and Rachael for sharing your experiences, if you have a baby of a similar age I hope this resonated with you and helped you to feel less alone. Definitely check out their social media and blogs to stay updated with what their little ones are up to. Don’t forget to read part two of this post, where Georgina and I talk about life with an older baby! 

Thanks for reading,


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