Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I absolutely love shopping for friends and family and sorting through the decorations ready to create some festive magic. Wrapping gifts is a slight obsession of mine and I get a tad too obsessive about making sure everyone has a different wrapping paper pattern…

This year, Christmas has crept up on me without warning because ever since Freddie arrived, time has flown by. The last couple of days I have felt far more festive and so I have been reflecting on our Christmas traditions. Gareth and I have been together for nearly seven years and lived together for six of those. Over the years, we have developed our own traditions and the thought of sharing them with Freddie, even though he won’t remember, makes me a bit emotional. If you are looking to create a bit of Christmas magic, I thought I would share what we do, as well as how we are adapting them this year.  Hopefully some of these traditions might become yours too!


I think this tradition may have originated from my mum ‘strongly suggesting’ to G and I that our family dog needed walking… Nonetheless, it has become one of my favourite traditions. Every Christmas Eve, around seven in the evening, we wrap up warm and head out to find the most ‘festive’ house in the local area. Despite having been in three different areas since that first walk, we have never failed on our quest to find that one house that has really gone all out. Last year we found a house with projected Christmas images all over it and that took the prize! I sort of dream of being that one Christmas house one day! I can’t wait to bundle Freddie up and bring him with us because I know he will love looking at all of the different lights and decorations.


On my twenty-first birthday (oh to be young again!), my mum gave me a wrapped cardboard box and nestled inside were twenty-one Christmas decorations. Each year, for as long as I can remember, my mum would choose a special decoration for my sisters and I. On my twenty-first she passed them all to me to decorate my own tree. It is so special seeing them all on our tree each year and since G and I first moved in we have chosen our own special two each year as well. Now that we have Freddie, I really want to do the same for him and we have already started this with a glass angel I chose last weekend.


This is a frivolous one, but for the last four years we have watched ‘Arthur Christmas’ before we go to bed on Christmas Eve. Even though I know the film inside out by now, nothing signals Christmas to me like watching this film. Although we may have to adjust the timings this year, I have a hunch that Freddie will love this film as much as we do!

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Although this will depend on where you live, something that always gets me into the festive spirit is attending our traditional Christmas event. Every year for the last four years or so we have gone to the Christmas evening event at Bristol Zoo. Usually we book this for a couple of weeks before Christmas day and it is something we really look forward to.  Sadly, I am not sure it will be possible this year as Freddie is pretty cranky if kept up past his bedtime so instead I think we may take him to see Santa. If you are local to Gloucestershire, I have heard great things about ‘Enchanted Christmas’ at Westonbirt Aboretum too!

What are your Christmas traditions? Are there any new traditions you are thinking of starting with your little one this year? I would love to know! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, it would be great to talk more on there. If you are looking for present inspiration for your little one, check out out what I have got Freddie this year.

Thanks for reading and see you on Sunday,


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