I recently discovered the lovely Caitylis’ blog, her photography skills are incredible and she is currently pregnant with her first baby- so exciting! She started a ‘Linky’ where you share your favourite photographs from the previous month and I absolutely love this idea. One of my favourite things about my blog is being able to look back on past events, feelings and memories! Joining in was a no brainer. I also think it is interesting to share more about the story behind the pictures I share on Instagram. I hope you enjoy hearing about mine!

Dad babywearing son. November, linky, sightings november, reflecting november, motherhood

Baby in a buggy. Linky, link up, reflecting november, motherhood in november,

baby in a pom-pom hat. Linky, sightings, sighting november, motherhood, motherhood memories, reflecting motherhood.

2nd November | I snapped this shot just before the boys headed out for a walk (or a nap in Freddie’s case!). G wears Freddie a lot at the weekends and we have developed a bit of a routine where every weekend morning they head off together for an hour and a bit. It has made such a difference to have a bit of planned time to myself. Even if I do spend most of it blogging or cleaning!

9th November | This photograph is a perfect example of Instagram vs reality. As cute as Freddie looks in this, I had actually had the worst day with him. Luckily my sister rescued me and took us both out for lunch.

13th November | Freddie turned nine months old and what a rollercoaster of a month it was!

baby asleep on mother. Linky, November, November linky, November memories.

Baby climbing Stairs. November Linky, Linky, November, November Memories.

Baby with light up Christmas decoration.  November Linky, Linky, November, November Memories.

24th November | I had to snap this because Freddie so rarely falls asleep whilst feeding now. It was a lovely moment.

25th November | Freddie learnt to climb the stairs! Everyday he does something which I am so not prepared for. It is his new favourite thing!

27th November | Our first foray into the festive season. I was forced to buy this LED light up penguin after Freddie grabbed it in John Lewis and refused to let go. It was worth it to see his face light up (ha-unintended pun!) when we got home and he could actually play with it.

Mum and Baby on a Santa Sleigh.  November Linky, Linky, November, November Memories.

Baby in a bobble hat in a pram.  November Linky, Linky, November, November Memories.

Baby cuddling up to Mum.  November Linky, Linky, November, November Memories.

28th November | A bit cheesy I know, but I could not resist taking this picture with Freddie in a shopping centre near us. It made me so excited for his first Christmas and just a tad emotional too.

29th November | The first truly chilly day we have had and the perfect opportunity to test out our new footmuff! Freddie was surprisingly content in this but then if I could be pushed around in essentially a duvet, I think I would be as well.

30th November | Candid shots are my absolute favourite and this picture captures Freddie’s adorable nose-scrunching smiles perfectly.

November was a great month, lots of firsts, plenty of wintery walks peppered with a fair few nine month old tantrums! It is not too hard to wave goodbye to it though when December brings Christmas and even more firsts. If you want to join up with this link you can find all of the info here.

Thanks for reading and see you on Friday,




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  1. Hanna December 14, 2017 / 12:43 pm

    Aww love your photos! And it’s so exciting as they learn to climb the stairs even though it is totally nerve wracking at the same time! xx


    • Amy Jane December 17, 2017 / 8:23 pm

      Definitely! He wants to stand all of the time now and it is so scary. I predict a few bumped heads in the next few months! XX

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