Freddie’s tenth month has been a complete whirlwind. We have had lots of lovely moments including Freddie’s first word which was so special. Unfortunately Freddie has also struggled with teething and I was unlucky enough to catch two bugs in one week! He is now wearing size 12-18 month clothing because he is super duper long. Besides the teething, Freddie’s tenth month has been a lot of fun and with the run up to Christmas everything feels that bit more magical.


In last month’s update I talked about transitioning Freddie to one half hour morning nap and then a two hour lunch nap. I am pleased to say it has been such a success! Freddie is much happier in the afternoons now that his long nap is the second one rather than the first. Teething threw a spanner in the works for a week or so, but overall the new routine has worked really well.

Shortly after leap six ended, Freddie’s night sleep started improving again- much to our relief! He now goes down without any fuss most days, generally waking once around five am for a feed then going through until six thirty/seven. Of course some nights he wakes up twice but it is a lot more manageable than last month. Freddie even treated us to a night where he slept eleven hours with no wake ups! It was a one off but hopefully a sign of things to come.

Baby looking through large window. Ten month update, ten month routine, nap routine, milestones, weaning, baby-led weaning, sleep routine.


When Freddie was teething badly he was not at all keen on eating. Greek yogurt was a favourite of his as well as chilled fruit and purees. It must be really uncomfortable eating whilst teething so I can understand why baby led weaning lost it’s appeal. Now that everything has calmed down, he is back to loving his food. Chunks of cheese are a new favourite as well as roast chicken and chicken sausages. Often, Freddie has a picnic style lunch which is super easy for me to prepare. For dinner he will have pasta bake, easy pitta pizza, toasties, pancakes or whatever we have had the night before.

Breastfeeding has been a sore subject- literally! G and I were meant to have our first overnight away at his posh Christmas work do weekend. However I have been unable to pump enough milk to leave Freddie. Mainly due to the delightful appearance of a few milk blisters which made feeding and expressing horrendously painful. It was a bit much for my body so we decided not to continue trying to express. At the beginning of our breastfeeding journey I struggled with oversupply but as Freddie is ten months old now, my body seems to only make exactly what he needs. The plan is a bit up in the air right now but it is looking likely that my amazing Mum will be coming to the hotel to babysit. All is not lost!

Baby playing with Christmas tree baubles. Ten month update, ten month routine, nap routine, milestones, weaning, baby-led weaning, sleep routine.


Wow, there have been a lot of milestones this month! The most exciting was Freddie’s first word which of course, was ‘Dadda’. Since then all I have heard all day is ‘Dadda, Dadda’. Utterly adorable but also a tad annoying when I have dealt with a whingy baby all day! Freddie hasn’t said any other clear words since then but is saying lots of sounds including ‘Iya (hiya)’, ‘DDDDD (whilst pointing at the dogs) and ‘yeah’.

He also seems to have become a lot stronger in such a short space of time. He can pull up on absolutely everything, including one handed on us! Freddie also tries to push up to standing from the floor although we are a long way off standing unaided. He loves climbing up the stairs and G is definitely his favourite climbing frame.

Freddie seems to be able to communicate so much better now too. He waves when he hears the word ‘hiya’ and he likes to try and high five us as well. When G gets home he laughs and it’s clear he knows that ‘Dadda’ means G. One thing that has changed this month is that he makes it absolutely clear when he does not want something. He has developed a very shrill shrieking noise that is deployed whenever you do something that he doesn’t like. Unfortunately this includes fairly basic essential things like changing his nappy or washing his hands…

I didn’t realise ten month olds could have tantrums but Freddie has definitely started to have little strops. He will throw any toy or distraction you try to give him and do a very over the top hysterical cry. On a good day it is hilarious but if I am tired or fed up it can get very wearing. Ultimately though it is the only way babies of Freddie’s age can really express themselves, so I try to remember that when we are engaged in yet another nappy battle!

Teething has been a real struggle this month. I can clearly see teeth where Freddie’s gums have thinned out but he won’t let me look close enough to see if any are poking through. We have been using all of my teething hacks as he has been in a lot of pain which has been hard to watch. I hope a tooth or two may appear soon. Perhaps his two front ones just in time for Christmas!

Baby sat in front of the Christmas tree. Ten month update, ten month routine, nap routine, milestones, weaning, baby-led weaning, sleep routine.

I think the fact that we are now in double figures has hit me hard and I am feeling very emotional about it all! Many Mama’s seem to be preparing to go back to work around this time and I haven’t yet decided which career path I want to progress towards.  Or even when I want to begin work again! At the moment, I am really enjoying my blog and writing in general so that has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works in regards to what I thought I was going to look for. I hope to have a bit more clarity in the New Year but in the meantime I will probably continue to discuss this over on my Instagram.

Merry Christmas, thank you for reading and see you on Friday,


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