We are officially in the in-betweeny bit. That post-Christmas lull before the New Year begins, where you aren’t quite ready to get back to normality. When the Christmas tree still looks magical but you begin to want to take everything down and put it away ready to start afresh. When you can’t quite face doing a normal weekly shop but the party food is starting to run out and you begin to crave a bit more of the healthy stuff!

Usually, I find this time hard because after all of the magic of Christmas is over, everything feels a bit lacklustre. Last year, I was back at work and I remember feeling really blue for a week or so. This year is a little different as G has the week off but I thought it might be useful to do a post with some ways to perk you up if you have the post-Christmas/January blues.


Obviously money can be a bit tight after Christmas, so a holiday in the Caribbean is probably a bit out of budget… However, I find booking something, however small gives me something to look forward too. It could be a meal out at your favourite restaurant, tea and cake at a nice hotel, a couple of hours at a spa or even just tickets for a new film you want to see.  It stops the weeks seeming to stretch out ahead of you and gives you something to focus on!


Being in the great outdoors is nothing new in terms of improving your mood. It is well known that just being in nature can lift your spirits but I think it is especially important this time of year. The festive period usually involves quite a bit of lounging around (which is great!) but it can leave you feeling a little sluggish. A good walk somewhere scenic always makes me feel a lot more positive- even more so if I take a nice coffee and a tasty snack for the journey!


Something else I like to do is change something small about my daily life or myself so that I start the year feeling refreshed. It could be a new haircut or colour, painting your nails when you don’t usually, re-arranging your home or changing up your daily routine. It doesn’t need to be anything drastic, but I have found making a change, however small, always makes me feel better.


I find when I am feeling a bit blue,  I tend to stop appreciating the little things that usually make me happy. A new year is an exciting time but it can also feel a bit overwhelming. Taking time to do the small things that bring me joy really helps perk me up a bit. Simple things like a long bath, baking something yummy, having a cosy movie night or taking Freddie to explore somewhere new. It can be hard to do the above when you are a parent however this time of year is the perfect opportunity, as family and friends usually have some time off!

If you are feeling the post-Christmas blues I hope this post gave you some ideas to help you to feel a bit better. I think it’s normal to feel a bit down after all of the festivities are over, especially during January when budgets are a bit tighter, the weather is rubbishy and everyone goes back to work. However, a New Year can also be a fresh start which is exciting too!

Thanks for reading and see you on Friday,


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