I know I have said this a thousand times, but I just can’t believe we are already approaching Freddie’s first birthday. The hardest and best year of my life will be coming to an end and we will be starting a new chapter.

I have planned a few posts in relation to Freddie’s birthday but, on a lighter note, today’s is a gift guide. All of these things we either own, were on my list to buy or have been recommended. Hopefully, this will give some ideas if your baby is about to turn one or you have a toddler to buy for!

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Sugar Cube Play Kitchen (GLTC, £110) | You can get some lovely kitchens for a much cheaper than but this was a joint present between Freddie’s Granny and us. I love it! If I am going to have a big toy in my living room I want it to fit with our general decor and the fact that this one has metro tiles just ticked all the boxes. I have seen some lovely DIY hacks using the Ikea kitchen and my friend Alongcamelaurie decorated one for her boys which looks fab.

Toy pots and pans (John Lewis, £15) | Although I love the look of wooden sets, Freddie is a bit obsessed with our pots and pans and I think he will love these. Very reasonably priced too!

VTech Baby’s First Laptop (Argos, £19.99) | Freddie is fascinated by my laptop and this would be a desperate attempt to keep him away from it. I can’t decide whether to buy this or not so if you have one please let me know your thoughts!


Personalised Children’s Story Book (Wonderbly, £16.99) | Freddie received one of these for Christmas. It is such a colourful, beautiful book and the perfect keepsake too. I think this is going to be my go to gift for some of our toddler friends!

Ride On Car (The White Company, £96) | Although this is technically a toy, I think the quality and style makes it a keepsake too. I think this will be out of budget for us but I am going to keep it on my list for next year!

Baby gift guide, 1st birthday, presents one year old, baby gifts, first birthday gift, first birthday ideas, role play gifts.


Tildo Wooden Blocks (Argos, £25.99)| We bought these for Freddie for Christmas and he plays with them every day. He enjoys trying to slot the different shapes through the lid as well as practising tidying up. They really are so versatile!

Hammer Bench (John Lewis, £15) | This is a slightly different version of the one Freddie received for Christmas. It has been great for Freddie’s fine motor skills and I highly recommend one of these if you are buying for a baby of a similar age.

Tomy My First Aqua Doodle (Argos, £16.99) | I am going to buy this for Freddie’s birthday as well because I think it is a great, mess-free and easy introduction to mark-making. It has great reviews and isn’t too expensive!


Baby Walker With Pastel Blocks (JoJo, £42) | This walker looks really sturdy and I love the patterned blocks. We have a Vtech one which Freddie really loves but I think having blocks makes this much more versatile. Freddie has a similar one at his Granny’s but I am going to keep an eye out for a less expensive alternative.

Nicko Mini Wooden Balance Trike (Amazon, £39.99) | I am still debating whether to purchase this or not. I think Freddie might be a little bit young for it but I love how traditional it is and it has great reviews. Perhaps it might be a better option for next Christmas!

We will also be buying Freddie some more board books as he has taken a real interest in stories recently. I shared our favourites over on my Instagram so please do follow me there to see more of what we have been enjoying. I also wrote a post a while ago about our nine must have baby toys. What is on your list for your baby’s birthday? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Thanks for reading and see you on Sunday,


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