With Freddie’s first birthday fast approaching (so emotional…) I have been reflecting a lot on the past year and how much of a rollercoaster it has been. The past year has been the best and the worst of my life with some amazing highs and some really testing lows.

Today I want to share with you ten Mama moments. In the interests of positivity, I have shared six best moments and four of the worst. I would love to know if you can relate to any of these!


Tesco Meltdown | Quite honestly, this has left me feeling slightly terrified of Tesco ever since it happened. Freddie was a newborn and had just been diagnosed with Silent Reflux. The pharmacist made the entire medication process really difficult, Freddie screamed and I had a crying meltdown in the middle of Tesco because a kind lady asked me if I was okay.

When Freddie dived off the bedSlightly nervous to admit this one… It was just after Freddie learnt to roll and he was lying next to me. Out of nowhere, he managed to propel himself from the bed onto the floor. It was terrifying. He was fine, cried straight away and Irang my Mum in floods of tears. She laughed at me, asked me a few questions whilst Freddie was cooing at me and quickly reassured me he was fine.

Out of hours | Another Silent Reflux one, I shared more about this in detail in a previous post but it was probably the lowest moment I have had since having Freddie.

Motorway meltdown | Around four months Freddie started to hate the car and one memorable meltdown happened on the motorway. Obviously we couldn’t pull over so the wait until we reached the service station was excruciating. If you are experiencing the same thing, I did write a post sharing my tips for if your baby hates the car.


Freddie’s first smile | His first smile came on a day I was feeling so overwhelmed, I think he was around four weeks old and it just completely melted me.

Positive pushchair outing | The first eight months of Freddie’s life he rarely ever went in his pushchair. He hated it. So when he finally started to enjoy it and I got to push him around I felt like the proudest Mama in the world.

Our first meal out after weaning | After we had established weaning, Freddie enjoyed his first time actually eating out with us at a restaurant and it was so adorable. We ordered him steamed broccoli which he mainly threw on the floor, but it still felt like such a special milestone.

Breastfeeding without wincing | Our breastfeeding journey was quite tricky at the beginning, but that first feed  when I didn’t curl up my toes in pain is so memorable to me. It was when I started to enjoy our breastfeeding and felt like I might actually make it until six months.

Our first family holiday | I had been so apprehensive about our first holiday. I had heard lots of stories about holidays with babies not really being a holiday at all but I was so wrong. We had the most amazing time and I was so proud of how well Freddie adjusted to a new place and routine.

When Freddie was put on my chest for the first time | The induction process was quite a gruelling one but ultimately Freddie’s birth was so beautiful and empowering. When he was put on my chest straight away, I remember feeling so overwhelmed and shouting ‘This is my baby, this is my baby’ in floods of tears. I must have looked and sounded so crazy but that feeling was just indescribable. 

I hope this post honestly reflects the first year of Motherhood. It is such a rollercoaster but for every single low, there are thousands more highs. I have learnt so, so much. I really hoped you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading and see you on Friday,


P I N  M E

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