I know I said this in last months update, but I really, really can not believe I have an eight month old. That just seems far too grown up and far too close to his first birthday. Every milestone that Freddie reaches is just so bittersweet. I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride when Freddie began to crawl this month (more about this later!) but then a couple of moments later found myself having a little cry because watching him move around the room on his own just looked too grown up. At the same time though, this age has been my favourite so far. Freddie is expressive and is starting to show me what he wants and express likes and dislikes too. He has his own sense of humour and can be very headstrong when he doesn’t get what he wants. Freddie is very easy going generally and taking him out and about is so much easier now. We recently had a little family holiday at Center Parcs and he was such a dream to take away (besides having to share a room again which did not go well!). I am both apprehensive and excited to see what the next month will bring!

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