I recently discovered the lovely Caitylis’ blog, her photography skills are incredible and she is currently pregnant with her first baby- so exciting! She started a ‘Linky’ where you share your favourite photographs from the previous month and I absolutely love this idea. One of my favourite things about my blog is being able to look back on past events, feelings and memories! Joining in was a no brainer. I also think it is interesting to share more about the story behind the pictures I share on Instagram. I hope you enjoy hearing about mine!

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I talked about why we introduced a routine in this post a few months ago and had some great feedback from other Mama’s. As I discussed more in that post, I had tried to introduce a routine when Freddie was around three months old and it was a complete disaster!

All it achieved was a lot of stress and a huge sense of failure on my part. My advice, as in most things when it comes to Motherhood, is to follow your baby’s lead. Around six months old, when we started weaning, a routine seemed to naturally fall into place. After making some changes very recently, his sleep and mood has improved dramatically and I thought it might be useful to share our current routine. View Full Post