Freddie’s tenth month has been a complete whirlwind. We have had lots of lovely moments including Freddie’s first word which was so special. Unfortunately Freddie has also struggled with teething and I was unlucky enough to catch two bugs in one week! He is now wearing size 12-18 month clothing because he is super duper long. Besides the teething, Freddie’s tenth month has been a lot of fun and with the run up to Christmas everything feels that bit more magical.

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I talked about why we introduced a routine in this post a few months ago and had some great feedback from other Mama’s. As I discussed more in that post, I had tried to introduce a routine when Freddie was around three months old and it was a complete disaster!

All it achieved was a lot of stress and a huge sense of failure on my part. My advice, as in most things when it comes to Motherhood, is to follow your baby’s lead. Around six months old, when we started weaning, a routine seemed to naturally fall into place. After making some changes very recently, his sleep and mood has improved dramatically and I thought it might be useful to share our current routine. View Full Post

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Just three months until Freddie turns one which is a little too much for my heart to handle. This month was very challenging with Freddie going through his sixth leap. The leap started with an explosion of new skills and it was obvious that he was going through something developmentally because of how rapidly he was learning. Unfortunately, this also made Freddie cranky, easily upset and very restless at night. It also coincided with the peak of some serious separation anxiety, a chesty cough and a pretty bad bout of teething too. All in all, this month has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Whilst it has been fascinating to see Freddie learning so many new skills, the crankiness, nap refusing and sleepless nights have been really tough. However, the last couple of days Freddie has seemed a lot more settled and much happier so I am really hoping things are on the up!

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I know I said this in last months update, but I really, really can not believe I have an eight month old. That just seems far too grown up and far too close to his first birthday. Every milestone that Freddie reaches is just so bittersweet. I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride when Freddie began to crawl this month (more about this later!) but then a couple of moments later found myself having a little cry because watching him move around the room on his own just looked too grown up. At the same time though, this age has been my favourite so far. Freddie is expressive and is starting to show me what he wants and express likes and dislikes too. He has his own sense of humour and can be very headstrong when he doesn’t get what he wants. Freddie is very easy going generally and taking him out and about is so much easier now. We recently had a little family holiday at Center Parcs and he was such a dream to take away (besides having to share a room again which did not go well!). I am both apprehensive and excited to see what the next month will bring!

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I want to preface this post by saying I am not a sleep consultant, this is not advice given by a professional. It is just what worked for my nap refuser. Everything I have read suggests that it is best to do any sleep training after six months so please bear that in mind too. 

Getting Freddie to sleep during the day has been horrendously hard and it’s fair to say that at times, it has really affected me emotionally. Freddie had silent reflux so from around five weeks old all of his naps would either take place in a baby carrier on upright on his Dad or I. My hallway must be worn out from the many hours I have spent just walking back and forth every single day. This continued until nearly six months when he started to refuse to nap in the carrier too. I got no break at all during the day, physically or mentally and it took it’s toll. At six months Freddie would nap whilst breastfeeding as long as he was latched on. My nipples hurt and it started to effect our breastfeeding relationship because I was ‘touched out’ and finding it hard having no physical space. Occasionally he would get my hopes up and nap next to me on the bed but that was rare. I was sore, fed up and mentally exhausted. Freddie was permanently overtired and I felt like a failure. This post gives an bit more insight into some of the emotions I had Bad Days, Baby Blues & Being Honest. It was rough and I was insanely jealous when I saw pictures of other babies sleeping peacefully in their cots or their prams or even on the floor! I just couldn’t relate to that and I felt it must be something I was doing wrong.  View Full Post