The night before my induction I remember frantically googling ‘Induction Stories’ in the hope of reading as many as possible. It was difficult to find stories that trod the delicate line of being honest without being a bit frightening too! During my pregnancy I had ‘planned’ to have a lovely water birth in my local midwifery unit with minimal pain relief. I could laugh at my naivety now! The reality was I ended up being induced just over two weeks early at the hospital instead. I had attended hypnobirthing classes by the lovely Bump to Baby Chapter during my last trimester and although I missed the final class due to my early induction, the hypnobirthing techniques and calm, clear advice given by Beth and Kate was invaluable. If you are Gloucestershire based and currently pregnant I highly recommend checking them out! I’m writing this post because I believe knowledge is power and I would have liked to have heard about the process from another Mama at the time. My labour was still an amazing and empowering experience and I hope that sharing this with you helps you to feel more positive about the induction process and a bit less frightened!  View Full Post

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Matchstick monkey

This is by far Freddie’s favourite teether. It’s small enough for little hands to grasp easily and he loves exploring the different parts with his gums.  You can apply teething gel to the back of the Monkey’s head and this helps to get the gel to those hard to reach areas. It’s also easy to clean and I am now contemplating buying a back up!

Hey Baby (Baby Sensory Videos)

These videos are so great. When Freddie was around three months he really loved watching the red, white and black versions which gave me a few minutes to tidy up or grab a cup of tea. As he got older he enjoyed the more colourful videos more and was totally mesmerised. We actually paid for the download so that we could use it during fussy car journeys without worrying about the wifi.

Chicco Pocket Relaxer

Freddie didn’t get much use out of this bouncer until we had to start weaning early at five months. He was too little for a high chair so this provided the perfect stop gap. It is super portable and folds up really easily.

CBeebies Octonauts

The theme tune to this has been in my head for about the last two months but it’s Freddie’s favourite thing ever. Now obviously I don’t sit him in front of the television for hours on end but this ten minute show allows me to at least shovel some food down or try and make the house look halfway decent. It’s also been a lifesaver for many a car seat meltdown.

JellyBabaBaby Car Shades

This may seem like an incredibly boring favourite but these are life changing! Honestly. No more faffing with the ones that stick to the window and then fall off pretty much constantly. These go over your window like a giant sock and hey presto. No more worrying about that little bit of sunlight creeping through and irritating your little one.

Connecta Baby Carrier

The Connecta Solar Weave is a very, very thin and light carrier designed for hot weather. The fabric blocks 95-99% of the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays and during our very random British heat wave this was the only carrier that was bearable to wear.  View Full Post

Since having Freddie almost 6 months ago, I have felt very much like I’ve been on a particularly relentless emotional rollercoaster. Never before have I experienced such extremes, overwhelming happiness and then feelings of hopelessness and the worry, my god the worry. When the midwife first put Freddie on my chest, I remember tears streaming down my face and being unable to express anything other than ‘Is this my baby? This is my baby?’ I have never ever felt happiness and pride like I did that day. But almost as soon as he arrived the worry set in. Was he comfortable? Was he happy? What did he need? Was he in pain? Could I make him happy? Why was he crying? Why had he slept so long? Did I need to wake him?  View Full Post

Since having my baby boy I have spent a lot of time (hello night feeds and cluster feeding) reflecting on advice and anecdotes I had heard whilst pregnant and what, in hindsight I actually wish I had known. Nothing can really prepare you for the roller coaster that is motherhood but I hope this post helps or at least amuses you if you are currently pregnant, it certainly would have helped me! If you have had your baby I would love to hear your thoughts on these as well.

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