Freddie’s tenth month has been a complete whirlwind. We have had lots of lovely moments including Freddie’s first word which was so special. Unfortunately Freddie has also struggled with teething and I was unlucky enough to catch two bugs in one week! He is now wearing size 12-18 month clothing because he is super duper long. Besides the teething, Freddie’s tenth month has been a lot of fun and with the run up to Christmas everything feels that bit more magical.

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The majority of the products I bought pre-baby were as a result of recommendations by real mama’s found through blog posts, forums and on social media. Since then, there have been several products that I have used over and over again that were definitely worth the money! However every one has different preferences and so, with that in mind, I took to Instagram to ask other mums what their one essential mother/baby product was. Some of which will definitely be on my list if we are lucky enough to have another one! All of the products, and the contributors social media are linked so make sure you check them out. I have found the Instagram community such a brilliant source of information, hilarity, honesty and solidarity so definitely head on over and say hello!  View Full Post

I spent the first few months of Freddie’s life in survival mode. He was quite an unhappy, little baby with Silent Reflux tainting quite a lot of our time together. I was hanging on for the magical three-month mark when every book, blog and person had told me that things would suddenly get easier. And then they didn’t. Of course I loved Freddie as soon as I met him, all tiny and wrinkly and brand new. Of course we had many special moments together where I laughed and snuggled him and I felt- and still do feel- like the luckiest Mama in the world. But for those first few months, I found motherhood a real struggle and when it wasn’t suddenly easier I had some pretty low moments.

Having said that, at around five and half/six months everything did suddenly become so much easier. Freddie had a much more predictable routine, he began to nap at roughly the same time, his sleep improved again, he was content to play on his own for longer periods and he seemed to learn something new everyday. Since then, it seems to get better and more enjoyable and I genuinely enjoy each day with him. He is my little pal, he’s hilarious, stubborn, mischievous, affectionate and intelligent all wrapped up in an adorable bundle of big blue eyes and tufts of curly, blonde hair. This post is for any other Mama’s out there who have felt the way I did, who have found the first few months really tough and wondered or are wondering when it gets easier. Here are seven things I love about my seven month old. View Full Post

Autumn is definitely on it’s way and I have been thinking a lot about updating my wardrobe. Since being a Mama, I have found it really difficult to know what suits me. My body has changed a lot since last Autumn, being pregnant and having a baby will change things just a bit! But I am only twenty-six so I still want to wear clothes that reflect the current trends. As I am slightly obsessed with buying baby boy clothes and currently on maternity leave, budget is an important consideration too. With that in mind. I have put together some current favourites that are all under fifty pounds (and some are actually half price right now!). I have created a board with more ideas for Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes here if you want some further inspo!*Everything in this post is breastfeeding friendly which is obviously important to me because I am still breastfeeding my seven month old.   View Full Post

We recently took Freddie on his first UK holiday and I have to admit to feeling quite apprehensive about what it would be like to go away with a baby for the first time. I had built it up in my head as potentially being really stressful but actually I couldn’t have been more wrong! We had the loveliest time and I felt it might be helpful to share some advice/tips to help your trip away run smoothly. Especially if you’re heading off on your first family holiday soon and are a bit of a worrier like me. This applies mainly to holidays or trips that don’t involve flying- we are yet to tackle an overseas trip. Maybe next year!  View Full Post