One of the biggest comforts to me during this crazy motherhood journey so far has been reading about the experiences of other Mama’s with babies of a similar age or just ahead. Knowing that the way my baby was behaving was ‘normal’ reassured me and reading about all of the things he was about to learn helped me to look forward to the stages ahead. That is where the idea for this post came from. Today’s post is a collab with three other lovely Mama’s with babies of all different ages. Whether these posts reassure, entertain, encourage or amuse, I hope they help you to feel a little less alone.

Baby sat on Mum's lap. Mum advice, nine month old baby.As you probably know, I am Mama to my nine month old baby boy, Freddie. I will spare you the bio here as that might be a little awkward but as you know, this is my blog and if you fancy following me on Instagram and Twitter please do! 

Baby in bear hat, rubber teether, teething, nine month update, nine month old baby.

The age Freddie is now has been my absolute favourite so far. He is so responsive and engaging and there has been such an explosion in what he can do and what he understands. Now that he has a predictable routine, going out to different places is a lot less stressful. Freddie is so inquisitive and I feel like I am seeing the world through his eyes, as cheesy as that sounds!

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Wow. You have been on this earth for half a year, how is that possible? Although some of those days have felt like they would never end it is also feels like the months have just rushed past us and you have changed and grown up before I have had time to properly process it all.

You were so tiny when you were born, your Daddy could hold you in one hand. Those days are long gone now. You have the longest legs and when I hold you now you stretch out across me. I miss those tiny newborn cuddles, those times when you would sleep for hours on my chest. I don’t miss the days where you would feed all day though, where I couldn’t eat or get dressed and where we often didn’t move from the spot your Daddy left us in that morning. Those days where you cried for hours because your silent reflux was bad and you were in pain.  View Full Post