I asked over on Instagram which post you would like to see today (my last post until after Christmas- eek!). This post won. Although it might be too late to buy these gifts, it might give you some ideas for birthdays or, if you’re nosy like me, this is the post for you! Lots of these things have now gone into the sale so you may be able to grab a bargain too. I wrote a post all about Freddie’s gifts so I haven’t included those!

As I have been on maternity leave this year, I have been far more budget conscious than in previous years. Usually I set a budget for each person and then if I spend less I add that onto to another person’s gift. I prefer to buy the present I feel that person will enjoy rather than keeping to an equal budget but that is a personal preference. I also tend to search for any discount codes before buying online and usually manage to find one; it is always worth checking!

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My last sensory play post was really well received and as Christmas is now upon us I thought it would be fun to do a festive version too. Everything you will need for these ideas you are likely to already have. After all, this time of year can get expensive! As Freddie is getting older, I have found our days are much easier when I plan in a bit of structured play. Unfortunately at the moment Freddie’s toys of choice include cables, my laptop, the Christmas tree and heavy candles… Rather than getting frustrated after the third time he has attempted to suck the end of a cable, setting up a simple invitation to play provides a much safer distraction!

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Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I absolutely love shopping for friends and family and sorting through the decorations ready to create some festive magic. Wrapping gifts is a slight obsession of mine and I get a tad too obsessive about making sure everyone has a different wrapping paper pattern…

This year, Christmas has crept up on me without warning because ever since Freddie arrived, time has flown by. The last couple of days I have felt far more festive and so I have been reflecting on our Christmas traditions. Gareth and I have been together for nearly seven years and lived together for six of those. Over the years, we have developed our own traditions and the thought of sharing them with Freddie, even though he won’t remember, makes me a bit emotional. If you are looking to create a bit of Christmas magic, I thought I would share what we do, as well as how we are adapting them this year.  Hopefully some of these traditions might become yours too!

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December is creeping up on me and I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming festive period. More specifically, Freddie’s first ever Christmas! Buying gifts for a baby is a bit difficult because in all honestly, they will play with absolutely anything at this age. As Freddie will be ten months old this Christmas, he will not really understand what is going on and too many gifts could be overwhelming. After a lot of browsing, I have decided on a selection of presents that can grow with him and he can enjoy now too. Hopefully this guide will give you a bit of inspiration for what to buy for your baby!

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