As you will probably know if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, come on over and say hello!), we recently went on a family weekend away to Center Parcs, Longleat Forest. We have visited Center Parcs quite a few times over the years and it is one of our favourite places (besides St Ives) for a UK based getaway. Of course these days it is a bit different and we have different priorities and preferences. As well as being great to look back on, I thought this post might be useful if you have never been before and are considering going. Before we took Freddie I found myself frantically googling ‘Center Parcs with baby’ so I hope this post helps you if you are in a similar situation. I know Center Parcs can get some mixed reviews, most notably that is is expensive but we have found that it is very much what you make of it and it is incredibly family friendly which is the main reason why we booked another weekend so soon after the previous one!  View Full Post

The majority of the products I bought pre-baby were as a result of recommendations by real mama’s found through blog posts, forums and on social media. Since then, there have been several products that I have used over and over again that were definitely worth the money! However every one has different preferences and so, with that in mind, I took to Instagram to ask other mums what their one essential mother/baby product was. Some of which will definitely be on my list if we are lucky enough to have another one! All of the products, and the contributors social media are linked so make sure you check them out. I have found the Instagram community such a brilliant source of information, hilarity, honesty and solidarity so definitely head on over and say hello!  View Full Post