The night before my induction I remember frantically googling ‘Induction Stories’ in the hope of reading as many as possible. It was difficult to find stories that trod the delicate line of being honest without being a bit frightening too! During my pregnancy I had ‘planned’ to have a lovely water birth in my local midwifery unit with minimal pain relief. I could laugh at my naivety now! The reality was I ended up being induced just over two weeks early at the hospital instead. I had attended hypnobirthing classes by the lovely Bump to Baby Chapter during my last trimester and although I missed the final class due to my early induction, the hypnobirthing techniques and calm, clear advice given by Beth and Kate was invaluable. If you are Gloucestershire based and currently pregnant I highly recommend checking them out! I’m writing this post because I believe knowledge is power and I would have liked to have heard about the process from another Mama at the time. My labour was still an amazing and empowering experience and I hope that sharing this with you helps you to feel more positive about the induction process and a bit less frightened!  View Full Post