During last months update I talked about the month being a bit of a whirlwind of highs and lows and this month was very similar. However, I absolutely love this age. Freddie cracks me up every single day, he is just so funny and mischievous and his personality shines though more and more each day. I feel so proud that he is mine and that I have helped to shape the little person he is becoming.

On the other hand, I feel incredibly emotional that the next time I write an update, Freddie will be a year old. To say his first year has flown by is a total understatement. Of course, he will always be my baby but it is so bittersweet. I will be talking about that more including his first birthday preparations and gift ideas but for now, here is an update on Freddie at eleven months old.

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Freddie’s tenth month has been a complete whirlwind. We have had lots of lovely moments including Freddie’s first word which was so special. Unfortunately Freddie has also struggled with teething and I was unlucky enough to catch two bugs in one week! He is now wearing size 12-18 month clothing because he is super duper long. Besides the teething, Freddie’s tenth month has been a lot of fun and with the run up to Christmas everything feels that bit more magical.

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I want to preface this post by saying I am not a sleep consultant, this is not advice given by a professional. It is just what worked for my nap refuser. Everything I have read suggests that it is best to do any sleep training after six months so please bear that in mind too. 

Getting Freddie to sleep during the day has been horrendously hard and it’s fair to say that at times, it has really affected me emotionally. Freddie had silent reflux so from around five weeks old all of his naps would either take place in a baby carrier on upright on his Dad or I. My hallway must be worn out from the many hours I have spent just walking back and forth every single day. This continued until nearly six months when he started to refuse to nap in the carrier too. I got no break at all during the day, physically or mentally and it took it’s toll. At six months Freddie would nap whilst breastfeeding as long as he was latched on. My nipples hurt and it started to effect our breastfeeding relationship because I was ‘touched out’ and finding it hard having no physical space. Occasionally he would get my hopes up and nap next to me on the bed but that was rare. I was sore, fed up and mentally exhausted. Freddie was permanently overtired and I felt like a failure. This post gives an bit more insight into some of the emotions I had Bad Days, Baby Blues & Being Honest. It was rough and I was insanely jealous when I saw pictures of other babies sleeping peacefully in their cots or their prams or even on the floor! I just couldn’t relate to that and I felt it must be something I was doing wrong.  View Full Post

Ever since Freddie arrived like a whirlwind into our lives it has been a constant struggle to keep up. Without ever intentionally deciding to, I have followed his lead from the very beginning. He slept when he wanted to sleep, breastfed on demand and we worked around him.

Having a baby-led ‘routine’ was especially helpful as a first time mum with no real understanding of what my baby should be doing and when- or in indeed if he should be doing anything at a particular time at all. That being said, we naturally fell into a bedtime routine when Freddie was around seven/eight weeks old. He would no longer to settle to sleep in the evening downstairs with us and we felt he was probably wanting a quieter, darker environment. So gradually over the next few weeks we transitioned from him sleeping upstairs on his Daddy in the evenings to a proper bath/bedtime routine and being put down in his co-sleeper with his Dad or I in the room with him. To, at around five and a half months, going to sleep upstairs with the monitor on.

This worked really well for us and by around ten/eleven weeks Freddie started to fuss and get upset if he was not upstairs for his bedtime routine at the usual time. Daytimes were a different story though, apart from aiming to get him to nap after an hour of awake time (in the carrier or on me of course… this baby did not want to sleep on his own!) we had no routine to our days at all. I had a few failed attempts at around three/four months trying to implement the E.A.S.Y routine (it wasn’t at all easy in case you were wondering!) and then gave up. It surprised me how much this really didn’t both me considering I have always been a creature of habit and very much like a routine to most of my days.

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