One of the biggest comforts to me during this crazy motherhood journey so far has been reading about the experiences of other Mama’s with babies of a similar age or just ahead. Today’s post is a collab with three other lovely Mama’s with babies of all different ages. Whether these posts reassure, entertain, encourage or amuse, I hope they help you to feel a little less alone.

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Anna is Mama to now four month old baby girl, Emilia.You can find her over on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog ‘All About Anna‘ where she posts about all things motherhood, travel and her current home renovation project.


Emilia has just turned 4 months old, and I am loving this age. We had a tricky period over the last two months because she had a posterior tongue tie which wasn’t diagnosed for a while. View Full Post

Motherhood is a funny, old thing. In one way it makes us fearless, protective and strong but the self doubt can be crippling sometimes and I think it is important to acknowledge that. We all doubt ourselves – well at least I hope so and I’m not just speaking for myself here! I thought I would share the six honest questions I have asked myself, can you relate to any of these?

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Having had a much more settled last few months where I have felt more confident in my parenting choices and that I really do know my baby best, I have been reflecting on some of the things that were said to me as a new mum. The majority of family, friends and complete strangers were overwhelmingly supportive but I did have a few experiences that were completely rude, unnecessary or thoughtless and from talking to other new mums (and reading other blogs/social media!) I know I am not alone. Here are then things not to say to a new mum- I would love to hear if you can relate to any of these!

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Ever since Freddie arrived, I have marvelled that he is a part of me and a part of my husband. When I was pregnant I used to dream about what he would look like and now that he is here I love watching his appearance gradually change and his features start to resemble a mix of us both. Having a baby has undoubtedly changed our relationship and it has introduced new highs and lows that I had not really anticipated. I thought it would be interesting to list some of the way here to see if any other Mama’s can relate to them too!

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I want to preface this post by saying I am not a sleep consultant, this is not advice given by a professional. It is just what worked for my nap refuser. Everything I have read suggests that it is best to do any sleep training after six months so please bear that in mind too. 

Getting Freddie to sleep during the day has been horrendously hard and it’s fair to say that at times, it has really affected me emotionally. Freddie had silent reflux so from around five weeks old all of his naps would either take place in a baby carrier on upright on his Dad or I. My hallway must be worn out from the many hours I have spent just walking back and forth every single day. This continued until nearly six months when he started to refuse to nap in the carrier too. I got no break at all during the day, physically or mentally and it took it’s toll. At six months Freddie would nap whilst breastfeeding as long as he was latched on. My nipples hurt and it started to effect our breastfeeding relationship because I was ‘touched out’ and finding it hard having no physical space. Occasionally he would get my hopes up and nap next to me on the bed but that was rare. I was sore, fed up and mentally exhausted. Freddie was permanently overtired and I felt like a failure. This post gives an bit more insight into some of the emotions I had Bad Days, Baby Blues & Being Honest. It was rough and I was insanely jealous when I saw pictures of other babies sleeping peacefully in their cots or their prams or even on the floor! I just couldn’t relate to that and I felt it must be something I was doing wrong.  View Full Post