Having had a much more settled last few months where I have felt more confident in my parenting choices and that I really do know my baby best, I have been reflecting on some of the things that were said to me as a new mum. The majority of family, friends and complete strangers were overwhelmingly supportive but I did have a few experiences that were completely rude, unnecessary or thoughtless and from talking to other new mums (and reading other blogs/social media!) I know I am not alone. Here are then things not to say to a new mum- I would love to hear if you can relate to any of these!

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Autumn is definitely on it’s way and I have been thinking a lot about updating my wardrobe. Since being a Mama, I have found it really difficult to know what suits me. My body has changed a lot since last Autumn, being pregnant and having a baby will change things just a bit! But I am only twenty-six so I still want to wear clothes that reflect the current trends. As I am slightly obsessed with buying baby boy clothes and currently on maternity leave, budget is an important consideration too. With that in mind. I have put together some current favourites that are all under fifty pounds (and some are actually half price right now!). I have created a board with more ideas for Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes here if you want some further inspo!*Everything in this post is breastfeeding friendly which is obviously important to me because I am still breastfeeding my seven month old.   View Full Post

Now that Freddie is six months old I’m beginning to try to schedule in some time for myself. Being a mum is a demanding job anyway but being your baby’s sole food source is perhaps even more so. One of the big advantages to formula feeding is that other people can help out with feeding baby and it’s an advantage that I’ve often envied.

During the early breastfeeding days when my supply was all over the place I expressed fairly frequently and built up quite the freezer stash. Once my supply had settled there wasn’t an immediate need to express anymore and as Freddie was (and is still…) a frequent feeder/grazer I didn’t have the time to build my freezer stash back up.

It came as a bit of a shock a week or so ago, when I dug out my pump in preparation to express for an upcoming hair appointment and barely got any milk at all! Remembering this excellent advice from KellyMom I didn’t panic about my supply, knowing that my baby was much more effective at extracting milk than a pump ever could. But still, it didn’t seem right that I could barely pump half an ounce. View Full Post