I have wanted to introduce a favourites post for a little while now but I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I asked over on Instagram whether this post would interest you, and the resounding answer was YES. I am really not sure how interesting I am, but by sharing the below things with you, I hope you might feel you know me a little better!

I often discover new products based on the recommendations of other Mama’s as well as bloggers/YouTubers so please do let me know if there is something you love, that you think I would too.

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One of the biggest comforts to me during this crazy motherhood journey so far has been reading about the experiences of other Mama’s with babies of a similar age or just ahead. Today’s post is a collab with three other lovely Mama’s with babies of all different ages. Whether these posts reassure, entertain, encourage or amuse, I hope they help you to feel a little less alone.

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Anna is Mama to now four month old baby girl, Emilia.You can find her over on Instagram, Twitter and on her blog ‘All About Anna‘ where she posts about all things motherhood, travel and her current home renovation project.


Emilia has just turned 4 months old, and I am loving this age. We had a tricky period over the last two months because she had a posterior tongue tie which wasn’t diagnosed for a while. View Full Post

The wonderful world of weaning, one of the most exciting but nerve-wracking times as a first time mum. It can be stressful too, making sure you introduce your baby to a range of flavours, worrying about what they will or won’t eat and wondering if you’re doing it ‘right’. We had to start weaning Freddie at five months due to Silent Reflux which you can read more about here. We began with purees and then progressed to mixed weaning at six months. Recently, we have switched to mainly baby led weaning and I thought it would be useful to share the four ways we make weaning fun!

weaning idea for seven month old, baby led weaning, plate of food shaped like a rocket in space.

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