We are officially in the in-betweeny bit. That post-Christmas lull before the New Year begins, where you aren’t quite ready to get back to normality. When the Christmas tree still looks magical but you begin to want to take everything down and put it away ready to start afresh. When you can’t quite face doing a normal weekly shop but the party food is starting to run out and you begin to crave a bit more of the healthy stuff!

Usually, I find this time hard because after all of the magic of Christmas is over, everything feels a bit lacklustre. Last year, I was back at work and I remember feeling really blue for a week or so. This year is a little different as G has the week off but I thought it might be useful to do a post with some ways to perk you up if you have the post-Christmas/January blues.

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Recently, I asked over on Instagram which posts you would like to see and the subject of me-time was a resounding yes! I think it took me until Freddie was six months old to realise that to be the best Mama I could be, I needed some time to myself. Before then, I had been so consumed by making sure that Freddie’s every need was met that I had basically forgotten that I had any needs at all. I definitely neglected the part of me that is ‘Amy’ rather than ‘Mama’ and it began to show. Since then, I have been working on creating small, simple ways to carve out some me-time. Sometimes it does not happen because teething, separation anxiety, my husbands working hours or nap refusing gets in the way but it has become a priority to me. Although some of these tips might not work for you, I hope you find something useful that you can adapt to your own situation because you deserve and need some time out, we all do!

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When Freddie was three/four months old I think I developed a mild case of Post-Natal Depression (Bad Days, Baby Blues & Being Honest). I want to write another post about that, partly because this is the first time I have actually written that down. Or said it really. For the last two months and a bit, since Freddie turned six months really, I have finally felt much more like myself again. Freddie and I have found a bit of a routine, he learns something new every day which is fascinating to watch and everything is just easier. But every now and then I am hit with a familiar wave of ‘Mumxiety’ and it takes me back to those feelings I had during that difficult time. Yesterday evening was one of those moments.  View Full Post