My last sensory play post was really well received and as Christmas is now upon us I thought it would be fun to do a festive version too. Everything you will need for these ideas you are likely to already have. After all, this time of year can get expensive! As Freddie is getting older, I have found our days are much easier when I plan in a bit of structured play. Unfortunately at the moment Freddie’s toys of choice include cables, my laptop, the Christmas tree and heavy candles… Rather than getting frustrated after the third time he has attempted to suck the end of a cable, setting up a simple invitation to play provides a much safer distraction!

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The wonderful world of weaning, one of the most exciting but nerve-wracking times as a first time mum. It can be stressful too, making sure you introduce your baby to a range of flavours, worrying about what they will or won’t eat and wondering if you’re doing it ‘right’. We had to start weaning Freddie at five months due to Silent Reflux which you can read more about here. We began with purees and then progressed to mixed weaning at six months. Recently, we have switched to mainly baby led weaning and I thought it would be useful to share the four ways we make weaning fun!

weaning idea for seven month old, baby led weaning, plate of food shaped like a rocket in space.

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Halloween is just around the corner and now that Freddie is a little bit older I have been looking for new sensory play ideas. As he loves his Baby Sensory Class, I decided to set up some sensory fun and share it with you too! Nearly all of the materials were from Poundland and the total cost was under seven pounds. I hope your baby enjoys exploring everything as much as mine did!  View Full Post