Wow. You have been on this earth for half a year, how is that possible? Although some of those days have felt like they would never end it is also feels like the months have just rushed past us and you have changed and grown up before I have had time to properly process it all.

You were so tiny when you were born, your Daddy could hold you in one hand. Those days are long gone now. You have the longest legs and when I hold you now you stretch out across me. I miss those tiny newborn cuddles, those times when you would sleep for hours on my chest. I don’t miss the days where you would feed all day though, where I couldn’t eat or get dressed and where we often didn’t move from the spot your Daddy left us in that morning. Those days where you cried for hours because your silent reflux was bad and you were in pain.  View Full Post

Since having Freddie almost 6 months ago, I have felt very much like I’ve been on a particularly relentless emotional rollercoaster. Never before have I experienced such extremes, overwhelming happiness and then feelings of hopelessness and the worry, my god the worry. When the midwife first put Freddie on my chest, I remember tears streaming down my face and being unable to express anything other than ‘Is this my baby? This is my baby?’ I have never ever felt happiness and pride like I did that day. But almost as soon as he arrived the worry set in. Was he comfortable? Was he happy? What did he need? Was he in pain? Could I make him happy? Why was he crying? Why had he slept so long? Did I need to wake him?  View Full Post

These are the things I really couldn’t do without for the first three months after having my baby boy, Freddie. I really hope this post helps you if you are pregnant or have just had a baby. I would love to hear what your favourite things are, let me know in the comments below!

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Freddie was around four weeks old when we ended up at an Out of Hours one weekend. He had been screaming for most of the day and although we had had other concerns, we had dismissed them as being ‘typical’ newborn behaviours. That day though, we felt that something really was wrong. We waited for around an hour taking it in turns to push Freddie around the waiting area to try and keep him calm. I felt utterly broken that day. I felt helpless and very low but I doubted my gut instinct and questioned over and over again during that hour whether I was just unable to cope and In fact there was nothing wrong. I remember looking at other newborns and they just seemed to fall asleep easily and they would cry but it seemed easily remedied with a feed or a cuddle or a wind. Freddie wasn’t like that. I know that those parents would have had their own struggles but all I could see at the time, were those peaceful babies led on their backs in their prams. Mine was never happy like that and it broke my heart.

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Aren’t squishy newborn cuddles just the best? There comes a point though when you may want (and need!) a bit more sleep. Below are the 6 tips that helped our newborn to sleep for longer periods at night.

When we first brought baby Freddie home from the hospital he would only sleep if cuddled upright on us so we quickly discovered it was best to split the night into three hour shifts so that at least one of us could get some sleep. After a week of ‘shifts’ we were a bit fed up and wanted to sleep in our own bed. After a lot of trial and error (emphasis on the error!) over the next six weeks we found that the tips below made a big difference with helping us all get a bit more sleep.

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