When Freddie began to show a preference towards a more baby-led approach to weaning, I was keen to gather as many quick recipe ideas as possible. One tip that has worked really well so far is adapting easy lunches that I would have eaten pre-baby to suit Freddie. Since having him, I have become much more conscious about the ingredients in the foods I buy (particularly the salt/sugar content). Breads and cakes in particular tend to have far more salt than the one gram recommended for babies of Freddie’s age and a Bread Maker is on my Christmas Wishlist for that reason (well and the fact that there is nothing yummier than the smell of fresh bread!). Making sure Freddie eats a wide range of vegetables during weaning is really important to me but so far he has taken after his Mama and is a bit of a carb-lover! This recipe includes a very sneaky veg sauce which reassures me that he is getting all of the nutrition that he needs.

picture of pitta pizza. Baby led weaning easy recipe idea.

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When Freddie was around five months, I was feeling pretty desperate. We had decided to see a paediatrician privately due to his Silent Reflux which was still not controlled. After a brief trial on some new medication, our lovely paediatrician recommended that we begin weaning him. There is conflicting advice/evidence as to whether weaning earlier can improve silent reflux or not, but for us, weaning combined with Freddie learning to sit up, made a massive difference to his overall happiness and wellbeing.

I had actually given Freddie his first taste of food (mashed up banana!) a week before that appointment as he had been grabbing food from our plates and showing a real interest at meal times. Even after being given the go ahead, I was reluctant to start because I had always been pretty set on baby-led weaning. Everything I had read had suggested that baby-led weaning (where the baby essentially eats whole foods so no purees etc) was the best way to wean and weaning before six months was not recommended. I started Freddie and I’s weaning journey feeling quite guilty and embarrassed that I was weaning early and the ‘wrong’ way. I really, really wish I hadn’t felt that way. Firstly because Freddie took to weaning straight away and also because I really like mixed weaning and feel it was the right approach for us.  View Full Post