I have posted quite a few times about our weaning journey so far. Weaning can be such a minefield and when you are already trying to juggle everything else motherhood entails, thinking of new meal ideas can become a bit of a chore.

Below is a week of Freddie’s meals (from last Friday to today), which I hope might give you some inspiration if you are in need of some fresh ideas! Freddie is almost eleven months and so we almost exclusively do baby-led weaning but I also spoon feed Freddie things like Chilli, Spaghetti Bolognese and soup. The key is not to stress to much about which approach to follow, just do whatever works for you and your baby.

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Last week I wrote this post on Mixed Weaning which included my favourite products and top tips. It has been a quite a popular post and I have had a few messages and comments on my Instagram (follow me here!) saying that you found it really helpful.  I have found it difficult during the whole weaning journey to find fresh inspiration for Freddie’s meals as well as ensuring he eats a variety of foods/introducing new flavours. Especially now that he is on three meals a day! So I thought I would give you a realistic idea of what Freddie eats in a week. Well when I say eats sometimes it all ends up on the floor… There is also a little giveaway at the end of the post!  View Full Post